Help Me/Question How Do I Set Up A Website Using My Domain ?

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If you already have a hosting account for the domain name then all you need to do is to change the DNS settings for your domain name and use the NS's provided to you by the web hosting provider. If you want to add it as an addon domain then you will need to follow these steps:

1. Login to your cPanel account.

2. Go to Addon Domains.

3. Add the new domain in the "New Domain Name" Field.

4. The next two fields will be automatically filled.

5. Fill the last 2 fields "Password" "Password (Again)" and click the "Addon Domain" button.
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If you have a web host already then go to your cPanel and install the site there. You can also seek the web hosts support technicians for guidance.


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If you facing problem to host your domain, you can go for technical support by your hosting providers, they will assist you how to host Domain in your cpanel.
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