How do you deal with bad website redesigns

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I'm interested to know how you guys deal with new clients that come to you with really bad existing websites and ask you to make them better.

I work with SEO and do website quality analysis all the time and often see some horrendous designs and big faults. As an example, a month or so ago I analyzed a webiste one of whose major product pages was nearly 5MB big, taking over 10 minutes to download on a 56k modem.

I have my own way of dealing with it which involves a lot of patience and expalining the right way to do things (as objectively as possible, with lots of examples) and then slowly they start coming round and understanding. Once they start to understand, they also start being angry about the way it was designed before by the other company.

So, I'm interested in your experiences.


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I used the same approach as you basically but now and again you meet a client who does not want to take your advice and insist they want it their own way. I usually just implement a project the way such clients insist on but ensure my signature is not on that project.
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