My Suggestion How Do You Keep Adwords Healthy In 2016?


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At the beginning of each year, predictions regarding the latest trends are made. Here, we are going to look at some of the best ways to keep your AdWords account running in tip-top shape:

Keyword + Audience targeting

Most experts agree that audience targeting will help improve PPC results for search marketers. The main reason AdWords became so popular is because it offered specific targeting using keywords and always found a way of ensuring ad relevance. These shortcomings were obvious once social networking became popular, since Facebook allowed you to target audiences based on demographics, online behavior and interests. But Google has now added Customer Match which allows customers create audiences from email addresses. This is a powerful addition to AdWords and will help advertisers get prospects closer to conversion.

Custom automation

Automation may be important for effectiveness but it is only a cookie-cutter solution at best. Most third party automations allow a certain level of customization but they are not limitless. With the AdWords Scripts, it made it possible for anyone to tweak scripts to do precisely what they want. For this, you will need to learn the basics of programming or how to write specs for an engineer to convert into working code though.

Structured data

Ads which are based on structured data gained momentum in 2015 especially when it comes to shopping ads based on merchant feeds. Google has even made it simpler to customize ads using Ad Customizers. It makes sense for any advertiser with a large account to get rid of the repetitive account maintenance and go for automation while guaranteeing a consistent campaign structure. Once you have collected structured data, explore the ways of integrating it into your ads using Customizers.

Video ads

Video can be quite powerful as an advertising channel. The only reason advertisers haven't done much with it is because it had a separate area in AdWords with unusual settings which were hard to understand. But now even YouTube TrueView campaigns have become just like AdWords campaigns and have targeting options and ad groups just like you're used to. YouTube performs pretty well even at a low CPC. Don't forget about Facebook Ads too, they are even cheaper.


Advertisers need to have a good mobile presence since this is what prospects are mostly interacting with at some point of the conversion funnel. The challenge here is determining how to measure and attribute results which are driven by the mobile. These challenges also apply to offline conversions and even micro conversions. But you will still need to provide users with the best experience on their devices. A simple mobile site translates well to the desktop. Try using mobile first strategies for anything new you build.


In short, here is what you need to do in 2016 to keep your ads relevant:

  • Test a number of audience based targeting lists.
  • Experiment with the customer match option.
  • Find partners who can help you build audience lists.
  • Install AdWords scripts
  • Learn about programming
  • Identify structured data which can be used for ads
  • Leverage ad formats of structured data
  • Post video content using YouTube
  • Let Google serve video ads through YouTube
  • Use a mobile first strategy


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From my experience, I have found that you need proper guidance, tutorials, to properly use Adwords.
Whatever tutorials or videos that are present on the internet will not help you to succeed but they will give you sufficient idea on how to get started.
And the above mention points sure can give newbies a good start.
But remember, Adwords or any PPC programs are not child's play. Those programs needs lots of research and "error and try" policy to earn thousands.
Good luck!


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That is true. If you do not have a large budget and deep pocket, then it can get difficult to succeed. PPC programs and campaigns need large investment to anything worthwhile happening. Small campaigns just lose you money because you fail to get enough traction and desired results.

Can you recommend some good tools and tutorials for us?

Zirkon Kalti

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One tip to increase your Adsense revenue is to look for keyword with high CPC when doing keyword research. SEMRUSH is a great tool you can use for finding profitable keywords. When choosing the best placement for the Adsense ads, you can reference the Adsense heatmap.