How do you promote your site

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I have found that one of the best ways to promote my site and blogs are by web forums, by creating a signature that has a link to your site . Do you agree?
Whats your best way to self promote :)


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You can also promote your site by submitting it to directories. The other way is to give freebies like e-books, forum skins etc.


I have found that one of the best ways to promote my site and blogs are by web forums, by creating a signature that has a link to your site . Do you agree?
I agree with your entirely. If you will post useful and cognitive content people will check out your site.
Some recommendations:
1) Be sure to create and include meta tags on every page;
2) The site must be well-organized and not over complicated. Focus something specific to your site;
3) Always notice that your links are active;
4) Specific and unique domain name.


I think Social Bookmarking and forum posting is the Best way to promote your site.

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I agree with you that signature is effective way to attract visitors. You can also exchange links with high page rank sites in order to get more traffic to your site.


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Press Release is also a good way of promoting your website, just make sure it news worthy.


social bookmarking, classified, article and blog is the best way


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Directories, Classifieds, Social Bookmarks, Forums...

that the method i do to have Back links for my site......


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Signatures links in forums and do follow blog comments with links and high rated one way web directories submission. Also article submission and social bookmarking both are nice ways to promote website.

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Create a Squidoo lens. Great for backlinks.

Articles are also a useful way to get the word out (a certain amount of links are usually allowed, but I keep mine down to just one or two).

Links in signatures are another way.

The thing is never go overboard, it usually rebounds if you do.


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tried to submit to directories but i stop after a while, the approval process takes too long. I guess contributing to forum is one of my fav ways


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Hello ,
I am Pandiyarajan from Galaxy Web links...
Here i am sharing some ideas to promote your website.

=> Post newsgroups
=> Press releases
=> Email to VIPs
=> Article submission
=> Reciprocal Links
=> Forum Posting
=> Directory submission
=> Tell everyone with whom you communicate
=> Post adds to free advertising website
=> Blogging
I know definitly it will useful. If anybody know more about this means share your ideas here..
Thank you...


the best way for me is social bookmarking and press release. but free press release site are very rare and very strict when it comes to submission.
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