Help Me/Question How Does A Lengthy Post Help A Forum?


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I have seen some forums are very particular in having lengthy posts. I just wonder how more words are going to help them? I am just curious to clear my doubts on this.

Is it the SEO factor that forum owners want to capitalize by having lengthy posts in their forum? Being lengthy means more words covered and more chances of appearing in a search engines. Is it like that?

I am a noob in this area. Would appreciate if anybody could throw some light on this.


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I'm not well versed with that SEO thing. All I know is that it is related to the position in the search list. Say when you search for a car, your blog on cars will be number 1 in the list if it is SEO compliant (over other sites about cars). But speaking of contents, the longer the post, the better. There is one forum that I go to where the tagline of the owner says something like "if you can write it in 20 words then why not write it in 200?" Obviously it is all about contents, the longer, the better.


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According to me it is all content which matters that is what makes it SEO compliant. Longer post may help in this case if its quality is good , They should have reliable and productive information and also should be written in such a way that increase the interest of readers in it. short post are not of much help but if they have good quality content then it also attracts people.


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Forums are the platforms where we learn and share. Writing/blogging sites are the platforms to find or publish articles on interesting and useful topic. However, in the recent times, the line that divides forums and writing/blogging sites is blurring. Since long posts contain more information,it is always Search Engines' favorite, but now it is aslo becoming favorite for internet readers.


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I think content quality is the king in any writing business, be it article writing, blogging or forum posting. A quality content will always attract visitors and most of them will turn loyal customers to the site. At the same time a lengthy content will contain more information which helps in its journey in SEO readings as it got more key words and phrases that search engines look for.


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I believe that a lengthy yet comprehensive post helps a forum since this creates a good image for the members; that they are genuine, research-oriented and seekers of knowledge. It will also be a good indicator of one's sincerity in imparting good information.

steve taylor

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If you ask any question on forum then may be you question answer is to short or to long or medium.
It is depending upon what type of your question.
I think lengthy post is content has more clear with some example.
but short answer is purely perfect. It help you when some knowledge already you have of your question.


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I am not sure if lengthy posts are against SEO or for getting traffic. From my experience my forums contain small posts and they drive traffic if the thread contains more posts. Things have been changed, so I believe lengthy posts are driving huge traffic than small sites,
Lengthy posts can provide a LOT of information, but sometimes it's also a case where people say a LOT without saying much of anything. There's a line where long posts just become unnecessary and redundant, or even pretentious at times. I'm fine with posting at a comfortable length with a good amount of substance, maybe 2 large sentences at the bare minimum.

Pooja Sharma

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Lengthy post if consists of some knowledgeable facts, can attract more followers and can add more to people to prefer its words. These lengthy facts are capable enough to help newbie or the person who have doubts to get information to the level that they can handle by their own. Lets take an example for creating an account for Google Adsense, the one who is not aware a post with description of all the steps from creating to working with Google Adsense can adds more knowledge to subscriber.

Manish Mishra

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Every words count in SEO.
In general, the recent Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates done by Google let the Google and most of the search engines to get the value of content. Since the duplicate contents are no more appreciable, the use and value of content and each word in it contribute a good role in the life cycle of your website SEO graph.

How the SE's takes on the lengthy post from a website or a forum is the similar concept accepting the website is providing information to the users, so it will be advantageous.

If you see my contribution on this forum, you will see i tried enough to keep the thread long, at least of 1000 words.

Prasoon Arora

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A lengthy post can have multipurpose behavior. It may contribute to knowledge by providing facts and information relevant as per need and requirements. Lengthy post may also act in the purpose of search engine optimization where more strong keywords can be used to get listed and searched by search engines.
Lengthy post if have useful information may too add more subscribers to the forum.

Swati Mishra

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Lengthy post is good for search engine also helps you to write a topic in detail information.

This way you can provide your readers a full and complete information about anything and everything. Search engines good love you to doing that because you are making a information wide and in detailed.

Zirkon Kalti

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The longer the post, the more keywords there are you can possibly rank for. Longer post is more detailed and has more information and that is why the search engine like to rank all the long posts on the first position. Remember Google wants to provide the most relevant result for its users so making your post long and useful will help in getting you ranked in SEO.