Tutorial How Does Social Media Impacts Seo

Zirkon Kalti

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Google will take into account how much influence your site has on the social media network when ranking your site. The search engine will take into account how relevant your content is to the post on the social media network. The links shared on social networks allow the search engines to understand whether your website is credible and whether it deserved to get ranked for the targeted keywords. Shares show that people recommend the content and that the content is good.

You just have to social bookmark a link once as the search engine does not care how many times the link has been bookmarked. Rather, they care about the link is being social bookmarked and who are the users that shared the links. If you spam by social bookmarking too many posts from the same domain, it will devalue your SEO score. The higher the authority of the users thats shared the link, the more beneficial it will be for your site in SEO. Search engine also take into account how many people you follow and the number of people that follow you back. The number of followers you have can add some benefits to the ranking of your listing in the traditional search result.

Google treats the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter just like other sites. Any link you post on the social media will be seen as a credible backlink that can pass pagerank juice to your site. There is no guarantee that the social shares will increase the ranking of your site in the search result. On the other hand, your social media profiles play an important role in determining the presence of your company on the search engine. For example, when you search for a brand name, the social profiles of that company will appear in the top search result.

Google regularly crawl social media sites because it is looking for new pages to included in the index. It can be quite a lot of work for the search engine to scour the entire web for new content but existences of social media sites have reduced the amount of time the search engine takes to search for new content. It is very important to get your new post indexed in the search engine. The faster your post gets indexed in the search engine, the faster you will get organic traffic.

Search engine optimization is the same as the optimization in social media search engines. Therefore, small businesses should also promote their site on social media network. If you are active on social media sites, your posts will easily get found on the social media search result. Just as in Pinterest, if the picture you post is attractive, many people will share it and it will be easily found on Pinterest. You can use hashtags to categorize your pins on Pinterest and Instagram. Most people will think of going to your social profile page such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google + when they want to find out more information on your company.

Google always change their algorithm but other search engines such as Bing are quite transparent about how their algorithm works. It is harder to rank your website on Google compared to other search engines. Google is looking for the content that get shared for many times on the social media network, more than content that has been optimized with keywords. Your article must answer the question that people are asking.

Every day, you should spend some time to promote your site on the Google+ page, for example post new content to help the site to rank well in the search engine. The post you shared on the social media network should not be a block a test but neatly organized into different paragraphs with subheadings, bullet lists and internal linking, You can add several multimedia such as images, video and podcast to make the content more interest.

Longer post are more likely to be authority and will rank higher on the search result. In your post, you can ask question to encourage your readers to join in the discussion by posting their comments. Comments show that there are social activity on your blog post. The bottom line is to create a post that people like to read. It is necessary to focus on keyword optimization but the more important thing you must care is your readers.


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The longer article you write, the more visitors you gain, and the more sales you expect. Consider providing longer posts.


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Social media is a good way to build your website popularity and good traffic to your website. Social media optimization is a process by which you optimize your website in social networking website and hence generate more and more traffic from various social networking websites.

Furqan Rashid

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By sharing your website or your blog on social media websites you will get more traffic to your website or blog.


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For me, social media indeed does have bigger impact and can compliment well with properly optimized website for good. Not only that it can help boost your rankings on specific keywords you target, but you may also gain natural traffic coming from Google, other search engines and various social media websites like Facebook and Twitter like no other. It really does matter that we should not ignore social media, as it is a very powerful source of building backlinks and gain targeted traffic if possible. When I'm doing SEO for my websites, I always promote them via social media once and for all.


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Facebook gets more traffic than Google these days, so the benefits of social media should be obvious :)

Manish Mishra

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Social media can enhance the traffic for no doubt. But it will not build the backlinks for you.
If it does they are quite poor backlinks to be consider by the search engines.

Involving much with the social media is really something that you should need to work with. There are a lot of medium and people really love the presence of everything over there.
If you are not there you are really missing something that you should not.


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Social media can improve your visibility on the internet, but avoid choosing the ways considered spammy, instead, work normally.


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Social media is crucial for every blog in the web. You need the social media if you are aspiring to succeed. You spend more time and efforts on the social media and you get more traffic for your blog.

Muhammad Rizwan

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Social media has always been an important ranking factor in the field of SEO. Many people neglect this factor in doing SEO for their site. This is not a good thought and must be avoided by everyone in this era. As we know that Google has announced social media importance in their latest update. So we should focus on this factor properly.

I am always taking this factor in consideration. I use social media for ranking my sites and do other factors along with this one.