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How green are you?

  • I bend over backwards

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  • I try my bit

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  • When it suits me

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  • What is being green?

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Have you ever wondered how green you are? do you take the extra step required to buy a more environment friendly product over the cheaper non environment friendly equivalent?

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Hey interesting question. It has been very satisfying to know that so many people share our concerns for the natural environment and ecology. How we live and how we spend our money always carries a social and environmental impact. When I first learned about organic cotton clothing, I knew I wanted to make it a part of my life. I always thought cotton (conventional) was a good, natural product. It never occurred to me that the cotton clothing I was complacently buying was loaded with toxic chemicals. Not just the pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers used to grow the cotton, but the chemicals used to process, bleach and dye the cotton as well. So I wanted to try and start something small that I could manage on my own using organic cotton. I now feel comfortable buying Eco-friendly clothing, knowing that i am contributing to a healthy environment. Not just in ecological sense, but in the sense of working conditions for the people who make the organic cotton industry a reality. While surfing to order my daily wear stuff I found a great coupon for some here, the coupon is halfway down the page w w w.sustainlane.com/green-saver-discount-coupons/_clothing-fashion. This is the way i have preferred my green lifestyle what are your ways for living healthy lifestyle?


me too like to do business & live sustainable..!!! meet again.


Really worried for the future so have been trying hard to be green :)


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Some Tips To Go Green

1. Paper Recycling:- Give your waste paper and news paper bundle to the appropiate person/place where these are recycled.
2. Tree Plantation:- Plant a new sapling on your birthday every year, take a good care of them and see them growing with you.
3. Clean Surroundings:- Always keep your surroundings neat and clean. Throw the waste in the dustbin always. Encourage others to do the same.


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I took a pledge a couple of years ago, with a world saving organization, although it may mean nothing, but I like keeping my words. The pledge states that I have to everything within my power to make save the world from global warming. So yes I try my very best to be green.


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I don't litter and I encourage those around me not to litter as well.

As a country, may it be poverty related and or environmentally related, we very sparingly use water here--so that's nice. Also, paper is fairly a 'protected' and more 'middle to upper-class' resource in which the "lower class" typically cannot afford to have, use, or access. They're very big on reusing and recycling all types of paper and cardboard here.

For example, I use my cereal boxes when I'm done as trashcans, literally--filling them all the way to the top. There's no 'swiffer sweepers' here, it's all cleaning by hand, and mopping--oh them Coast Guard days.

Anyway, overall, good country, good people, and they do what they can and their best to take care of their environment. Education plays a strong role in how a country or culture decides to care for it's environment too. I believe both history as well as my own experiences traveling abroad have demonstrated this to date.


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What are 5 steps each of you believe you can start applying TODAY to make the environment around you and those you love cleaner, safer, and last longer?


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What are 5 steps each of you believe you can start applying TODAY to make the environment around you and those you love cleaner, safer, and last longer?
These are the things I regularly do for greener, cleaner and safer environment and I think everyone else should also do the same:
-- Switch of all electrical appliances after use; applicable to fans, T.V., lights as well as we usually forget these.
-- Do not litter.
-- Turn off the monitor when not in use even if it is for 5 minutes.
-- Do not use plastic, not environment friendly carry bags.
-- Avoid using vehicles and rather walking for covering short distances if time permits.
-- Do not wash my car everyday unless its really required.


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What are 5 steps each of you believe you can start applying TODAY to make the environment around you and those you love cleaner, safer, and last longer?
1. Putting of electronic appliances when they aren't being use, like not putting on light bulbs during the day
2. Planting of plants around the place, like flowers and trees.
3. Defrosting fridges and freezers regularly
4. Recycling things at home, because a lot things can be used for more than one thing.
5. Try not to waste fuel.
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