Help Me/Question How Heading Tags Are Used In A Relevant Manner

Doominic anderson

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I learn html for creating web pages with the help of some books and tutorials help.
How to use the heading tags like H1,H2,H3 e.t.c in a relevant and specific manner which reflects my content of webpages good?

Is there any specified rule of using heading tags and i can use it multiple times?

Prasoon Arora

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Using head tags are equally important when the website building comes with the coding. The use of heading tags can be used as simple as you use other tags, making a note that where you wish to put the focus more as in compared to others.

The use of different heads tag can be used with the syntax :

<title>Title of the document</title>

<h1> My name</h1>


Head tag with the number 1 would be more highlighted, then in compared to head tag 2 and so on. Please refer to attached screenshot. Head tags works as per your instructions provided making a note for numbering 1,2,3 and soon.


Pooja Sharma

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I have noticed that in single paragraph, head tags are also used to highlight the particular line or word.

What can be noticed, that usually <h1> </h1> is being used at the beginning of the topic, leading to <h2></h2>, <h3></h3> and so on.

If you wish to make your paragraphs more clear , when headings or subheadings need to be focused on, please make sure that the numbering is make properly, so that it can work for SEO operations also.


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No is that no any rule use for head tags, you can choose head tags anywhere.
For making impressive web page, choose head tag where you want..
But H1,H2 and H3 used for header tag, But many experts say not more than one H1 tag use in your webpage.
And head tags are:-
<H></H1>, <H2></H2>, <H3></H3>, <H4></H4>,<H5></H5>,<H6></H6>.

steve taylor

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Let every one read a book, If you notice, then you can find heading of the content is bigger and bold as compare to sub heading and so on. So It is a procedure followed by every writer because it is liked by every one.

niranjan kumar

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All these heading are mostly used in any webpage, but these are not required because it's depend on your content. There are six head is used in html that are;
H1:- heading 1 or largest heading.
H6: smallest heading.


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What is the name of the book or the tutorials you used, since every book must have heading tags how to place them in pages.Try the above methods and let me know if that doesn't meet for your requirements.