Help Me/Question How I Make Money By Facebook Page?

steve taylor

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I have a Facebook account and I create many pages on Facebook some pages have very less popular but some pages are very popular and have large number of followers please suggest me how can I get ad on my Facebook page to make money with my Facebook page and how can I use it business purpose.


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There are more threads discussed here about making money with Facebook pages and groups etc. I will answer you in a simple method that is drive traffic to your fan page and insert some Affiliate program links, sell back cover space if you don't have website. Most people buy posts on the popular pages that have more engagement.
Most business have their own page, but you need to concentrate on your real site, that is going to deliver all the clients for you.


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Facebook is not a source to direct income with Facebook fan page or Facebook group.
but you earn money by Facebook for your website or blogger.
Here some tips for earn money by Facebook.
Get many likes, then use it for advertising.
Sell stuff to your friends.
Sell your Facebook fan page and Facebook group.


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Hi, follow these steps to make money on Facebook:

Through Affiliate Marketing

1. Find an affiliate program. The most popular one is Amazon, another one is iTunes. There are other programs that are smaller in profit but you can try those as well.

2. Sign up for the program.

3. Make a Facebook page for the particular program you've chosen. Make sure that your page will post niches the same as your chosen program.

4. Promote those programs. And luckily, if someone clicks on the ads, you're going to earn some cents from it.

Good luck!

niranjan kumar

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As you say you have a large number of like on Facebook page or your Facebook page is very popular. You want to use your Facebook page there are a no direct way to make money from Facebook page. But you can generate money from Facebook page, if you have a monetized website and blog.

Swati Mishra

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If you have created a Facebook page you need to know you can get likes and real visitors to your Facebook profile page in no time. You need to establish relationship with the people you have joined on facebook profile page. It is an easiest way to get your targeted visitors in no time. You can either promote someone's website by offering some real good price, also, you can sell the page for a massive price if it is doing good.


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Facebook isn't only a underground money heap just waiting to be start, but it should be a trustworthy extra income source with some effort and a bright approach. Here are few mthods how to make money using Facebook.
Making Money Through Affiliate Advertising and other link-type advertising
Making Money With an E-book
Making Money Using Facebook Page
Making Money Using Facebook Market of Posts or Fanpages


Money Making Ideas Online UAE, UK, USA
6 Way To Earn money promoting items with facebook

facebook has become typically the most popular social media site. You should use Facebook for connecting with individuals and also to develop good associations. Not just university students and teens, but a lot of professionals, businessmen the ones using their company professions have become people of Facebook. But, additionally to social media, Facebook may also be used like a platform to advertise your or affiliate items and services online. Here are a few steps which may be adopted to promote your items/services on Facebook:-
Facebook profile – This is actually the beginning point for the presence on Facebook. This really is essentially a website landing page for the buddies and affiliates. The Facebook customers generally see the profile pages of the buddies. Additionally they go to the profile pages of individuals whom they would like to learn more about. So, for those who have a lot of buddies, your profile page will probably produce a large number of page sights. Your Facebook profile ought to be intriguing and contain lots of private information and photos of the buddies and family. You have to have the ability to connect your individual identity using the items or services that you simply promote.

Add buddies – This is important. Search for those who will benefit from what you are offering. You might join different Facebook groups that are highly relevant to
Start your group – Beginning your personal group is an extremely efficient way to promote on Facebook. It will help to construct a residential area around you and your product. You are able to invite your buddies to become listed on your group. You may also use Facebook’s compensated advertising system to obtain new people. All Facebook groups have boards where one can publish different discussion subjects, links, photos etc. Messages can be delivered to your group people as frequently as you desire. There’s a built-in invite feature which may be utilized by people of the group to ask their buddies being people. Developing a group is free of charge and you will create as numerous groups as you desire. The audience title seems on each member’s profile page.

Facebook Pages – Facebook pages act like groups, but you will find some variations that are referred to below:
* Unlike groups, you can include HTML, Expensive and various Facebook programs for you pages.
* You are able to send messages to a variety of fans of the page.
* Fans of the page cannot ‘Invite’ their buddies being fans. They have to ‘Share’ the page together.

Facebook Occasions – This can be a free application. You should use Facebook Occasions to advertise cool product launches along with other important occasions.
Facebook Marketplace – This is actually the place where one can publish classified advertisements for marketing your items and/or services. But make certain to not junk e-mail, otherwise your bank account

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