Tutorial How Instagram Can Help Your Business

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Many marketers have successfully used Instagram to promote their businesses. Instagram is the perfect way to get the word about your brand out because it has a large database of millions of users. Instagram is compatible to both Android and iPhone devices. When used correctly, it can become an effective advertising channel for your brand name. Recent studies show that Instagram generate 25% more user engagement compared to other social platforms.

Include a Link in the Instagram Profile
You are allowed to include a link in your Instagram profile beneath the bio description. There is no restriction on the type of website you can link to including landing page, lead generation page and website. You can change the URL later as many times as you want. For example, if your online store is holding a promotion, you can change the link in the instagram profile to the promotion page and change back to the default store URL once the promotion is over. You can link your social media account to your instagram profile to increase the number of followers.

Follow Others on Instagram
If you want people to follow you, you should first follow others. You should follow other brands that are in the similar industry and also follow those who have similar interest to the product you are selling. To find relevant brands to follow, you can use the Statigram tool. To use Statigram, you simply add the brand name or hash tag into the search box and press the Search button. Liking photos relevant to your niche can also motivate people to follow you back. When posting on instagram, make sure you include relevant and popular hashtag.

Make Your Instagram Profile Colorful
One way to attract people to your Instagram profile is to make your profile page colorful. To do this, you can create a gallery to showcase the best pictures relevant to your company profucts. There is a rotating feature that allows you to display the photos you recently shared on your profile and bio. You should update the photos in your gallery to latest photos so that people will keep coming back to your profile. When posting a photo, make sure it is a photo that your visitors want to see and keep them coming back for more. You can provide some sorts of rewards for visitors who view your pictures and read the description for example promo code.

Add a Video in Your Instagram
To boost your followers, you can include video on your instagram. The video feature on instagram allows you to create video that last for 15 seconds. The webcam or a front facing camera is needed for creating a video on Instagram. Instagram video offers features such as delete last clip, filters, image stabilization and save to camera roll. Once you have created the video on instagram, you can also embed it in your blog or website so that more people will be able to watch the video.

Hold a Photo Contest on Instagram
Instagram is one of the best platforms to organize photo contest. To hold an instagram contest, you simply ask your users to submit their pictures by using a particular hashtags. This allows you to easy browse through the pictures users have submitted for the contest. Other people will be able to vote the picture. For example, if you are a travel agency, you can hold a contest and ask your user to post the most beautiful scenery they encountered in their trips. The winner will get a discount for their trip.

Promote Your Event at Instagram
If you are holding a promotional event for your products/services, you can make use of Instagram to show people around the area where the event will be held. The majority of the conferences have a hashtag to allow people to easily find pictures about what is going on at the event. Doing so can increase the number of people that visit your booth at the marketing event.

Photo Customer Testimonial
Another way to promote your business on Instagram is to take photos of your customers so that other prospective customers can get a feel of what your brand is like. Customer testimonial photos are the best way to tell the story about your company brand to prospective customers. You should only ask a few selected customers reviews which are the best among the hundreds of reviews published online. This will enable you to connect with your audience.


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It's great that Instagram is no longer just your typical photo sharing app. It's amazing how your Instagram account can become a platform in promoting whatever business you have especially if you have many followers.


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Yes its true that now its not a tough task to promote your website on social media like Facebook and twitter.Very few people know that instragram can also be used for promotion of your website.It is necessary to make your instragram profile good so that many can follow you.You can directly connect your website link to your instragram profile so that your friends,and followers can visit your website.


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It's great that Instagram is no longer just your typical photo sharing app
This is a very true statement. Instagram has become the newest thing in promoting business. It is now very easy to have a product on Instagram and see sales grow. I think it is great for marketing because everyone can see a live shot and decide whether or not they like the product and if they want to buy it.


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Many online businesses, specifically online sellers, get their customers from Instagram. In the Philippines, endorsements from popular people/celebrities are also a big factor in making an online business thrive. It is a great marketing tool because it is free and very easy to post and update information.


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If you have followers on instagram in bulk then your business can get famous by posting about your business on your account. The followers will get to know about your business and the traffic will get increase on your website.
To become popular on Instagram, you should have enough followers. Since more followers mean you can have more engagement and great social credibility. You have two option to get followers as first you can get them in an organic way and the second one you can buy active Instagram followers to influence in an instant way.

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For marketing, You have to create a business profile and use Instagram free tools. Create a story about your product/service to engage the audience. You can also create a sponsored advertisement for your service. Collaborate with an influencer to marketing your brand and reach the target audience. For creating brand trust use customer reviews and scheduling your post to get traffic. Also main focus on your niche target audience.

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This is very very important platform for getting lot of traffic. So if you have lot of follower in instragram you will benefited.