Help Me/Question How Is Inheritance Implemented In .net?

steve taylor

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Inheritance is the process of deriving the feature of base class by the child class it provide reusability means if we write a code. Next time when it is needed then simply used them without any effort because in object oriented programming we concentrate on real time object. Now my question is how to implement inheritance
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Manish Mishra

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Not only with .Net but with all OOPS concept supported languages follow the rule of inheritance.
What is inheritance?
In general, a quality that carries out from one thing to another thing and so in languages one member to another or one class to another class.

A bird class may have, crow, owl, and pigeon as the class member. They have something in common that all of them can fly and they have wings. They lay eggs, etc,
The class member if they have their own class it can be inherited because of having same nature.
This is the easiest way to understand the basic of inheritance.