Help Me/Question How Long Does It Take To Propagate?

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i have a dedicated server with HostGator and domain registration with GoDaddy. I want to add another website to the server and I have been unable to do that for 2 days.
I thought it would be very simple. Just set the name servers of the domain to and and wait.
It has been almost 2 days and the website is still not showing and I cannot log into FTP either.
So how you does this process usually take you?
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you must have done something wrong, it usually takes 24-72 hours, but your site must open in 2 days, so you should check with your hosting company to find out if DNS is setup wrong in server


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According to our services, the domain name gets propogated within 24 hours, however, the standard time of propogation is 24-48 hours. Within these hours the domain name should get propogated, if not then its your choice to stay with them or find another reliable provider.


Did you register the nameserver with your registrar? You can't just put any nameserver and make them work. If its a dedicated server, make sure nameservers are setup properly on the server and after that register them with your registrar before you use them for your domain.

DNS updates no longer takes that long
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