How long is too long?

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I know the title to this thread is the sorta thing you might ask your girlfriend but this is a serious question.

How long is too long for a webpage to load? I have expanded one of my pages to include pictures of many products. I tried to keep the image sizes as small as I could but still keeping a decent size and quality. I even combined a bunch of images so there are six 75k+ images on the page.

This is the page and it loads quite quick for me but am not sure how long it would take if it was the first page on my site you have ever looked at.


6 to 10 seconds?

I think some where in the area of 6 to 10
seconds for a reasonably up to date computer.

my dinasaur (sic) of a MAC takes _________...

Alexa states all my sites are "somewhat slow"
at 10 seconds.

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Your site is loading pretty fast for the amount of images you have there.
You may want to try optimize images little bit more if you want to decrease loading time.


It's on the main alexa traffic rank page, but I believe your site must be ranked in 100K to get these statistics...
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