Help Me/Question How Mobile Marketing Is Useful To Increase Business.


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Know a Day lots of people are spending there lots of time on mobile. so mobile marketing is very useful.
but the main question is "How to do this".
can anybody tell me?


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Videocon Telecom, the next-generation GSM mobile service network was launched by $10 billion Videocon Group. The company has partnered with global technology leaders to create a robust infrastructure featuring future ready mobile technologies. Powered by the most advanced GSM-EDGE network, Videocon Telecom aims to redefine the Indian mobile telecommunications industry by leveraging a combination of the parent company’s strong brand recall and retail reach with a spirit of innovation and customer centricity.

Carl Hardy

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mobiles are crucial thing for getting today's business most of the people visit site or blogs in making vast no of audience, we can send as many messages as we can form one place, today's electronic devices plays crucial role for getting needs done and market growth,,,


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Mobile marketing solutions help to attract innumerable customers as you can. For using mobile marketing solutions, you need to make your website mobilized. Mobile marketing solutions provided by companies make it convenient and easy going for all the customers.


Putting resources into versatile promoting if finished with the best possible arrangement set up, can bring a gigantic degree of profitability for your association. In the middle of tablets and cell phones, the quantity of eyeballs on cell phones each moment of consistently is expanding exponentially. A few individuals think the best way to "contribute" in portable is to assemble your own particular application. While that is one course, it's certainly not alone. Here are 5 ways your business can utilize versatile showcasing to accomplish your authoritative objectives.

Improve your site for portable

Improve your outsider site for portable

Run portable advertisements

Utilize outsider portable applications for advertising and operations

Construct your own particular portable application for your business


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Mobile marketing can be done by developing apps that promote your business. If you have a website that sells product, you can create an app based on your mobile and you can promote sales via your app. Another way to market through mobile is by sending text messages about your products to your potential clients.

Furqan Rashid

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Mobile marketing means to produce something that just going to work on mobile. For that you need to be an expert in programming. Like developing apps and e-books. It is progressing day by day. There is an alternative available as well if you have investment you can get an app developed and than sell it.. It's going to give you good results.

Bilal Nasir

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As the technology is progressing the usage of android phones is also increasing so I guess setting up a mobile marketing business is really going to help you out.


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Mobile marketing is growing nowadays due to the fact that millions of people are using mobile phones more than just desktops or laptops. Yes they can bring their own laptops like the Macbook Pro, but are they going to use it most of the time? No! They simply leave their laptop by putting it in their bag, and use their mobile device when roaming around. More people are accessing the internet with their mobile devices nowadays, which means there's a whole lot of opportunity for us to market our businesses to them. To do that, we make sure that we only target relevant customers for your respective business.


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A good idea is that you should make your site mobile friendly, especially if you have audience using mobile phones to explore the sites.

zehra nadeem

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You know that now days every one have mobiles and companies can take it as profite because to market there product they have to send the information about there product. When every one have mobile phones companies just need to send the information about the product. This is easy to tell every one about the product.

Furqan Rashid

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You know that now days every one have mobiles and companies can take it as profite because to market there product they have to send the information about there product. When every one have mobile phones companies just need to send the information about the product. This is easy to tell every one about the product.[/QUOTE
Many companies are now a days preferring mobile marketing as the usage of mobile phones is increasing day by day.

Doominic anderson

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Mobile marketing became one of the best option to promote your products or services.
Everyone carry mobile but not laptop all time.So,if the app has adjustable and portable feature and it is easily open on mobile then this app is always reachable for users.
Mobile phone has in-built payment system and through this uniquely tracked to that phone number from message or payment is generated.
All the successful sites promote their business through mobile marketing.


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Every day we see new mobiles in market and the buyers too increased per day. Mobile Marketing means where use our mobile to market anything like products.

Mobile marketing is important as every one need to change the business structure into mobile business. Mobile website and mobile optimization.

You can market products by using Sms through mobile and Seo.


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Mobile marketing is promoting your product or business via your cellphone. You can do this by sending out SMS messages to potential clients. And to do this, you'd need to create a contact list of all potential clients you have. Then, you can send them messages promoting your business.

You can also use your smartphone to get traffic to your site. If you have an online business, mobile marketing for you might be different. It involves using social media to get traffic unto your site.


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Some advertisements for mobile are embedded in game apps. I have seen a game app where once in a while there is an icon for a link to the website of the sponsor (of the game). An app writer said that soliciting a sponsor when you are in the drawing stage of the game app is ideal since you can make a draft and show it to the prospective sponsor. It is like creating a game app for that particular sponsor. And when the game app becomes a hit like Candy Crush, you can imagine the thousands, if not millions, of users who would see that particular ad on the mobile game.

And since everyone is on mobile, some big companies like Google are training they eyes on how to fully utilize their resources to be number 1 in the mobile industry.

suzzi winget

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we all know how mobile is very important for all of us.. promoting products through mobile is mobile marketing.. you can also promote your products or website by creating an are very useful and are easy to connect with the can create your website app.
or by sending mails and messages about your products or about your website helps in increasing your business. Infact most of the companies (either big or small) are preferring marketing via mobile to attract users.


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Some businesses acquire a telephone company's ability to broadcast to a big group of subscribers in promoting products and services. Acquiring phone numbers like those from phone loaders will also be a big help to start and create a distribution list.

steve taylor

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You are right everybody have a smartphone.
Smartphone is not smartphone now in days it have lot of feathers are available.
It is work like a mini laptop but disadvantage is its small size but it is not a issue.
If you have a business then develop a mobile application for only access you to office purpose and you easily handle your company with mobile phone,.