Help Me/Question How Mobile Marketing Is Useful To Increase Business.

Doominic anderson

White Belt
Mobile marketing is very much important to increase your business because now maximum person has a smartphone.
Mobile is the best medium to connected through internet every time,it's not possible to connected all time with PC or laptop,but through mobile it's easy.
So,every site is designed these days which is adjustable with mobiles as well as laptop or PC.


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Know a Day lots of people are spending there lots of time on mobile. so mobile marketing is very useful.
but the main question is "How to do this".
can anybody tell me?
Today mobile marketing is very important as you say. Approx 15% of user come from mobile devices, Because they can easily got many information as they desire with the help of Email, message, Apps notification and other ways. As you want use mobile marketing for your business you need to cover almost mobile operating system with the help of Email marketing, Apps, mobile-friendly website For getting a lot of users for your business or product.

niranjan kumar

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These days approx 55 % visitors comes from smart phone. Some of them directly hit your website through mobile browsers and rest are comes form mobile apps.
so if you want to get more more business form your website you need to maintain mobile apps and mobile friendly website.

Swati Mishra

Content Writer
Now a days each and every person have smart phone and this is the easiest medium to reach to most targeted customers. people are more frequent to mobile device then to desktop, laptop, tablet, i pad, etc. mobile marketing is just about having an apps that can easily be accessible for more reach with top most.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
Mobile marketing is the best way these day to promote any product/website. People are using mobile phone and doing all the stuffs on mobile. The mobile app revolution is going to change everything and business is moving from desktop to mobile now.