Help Me/Question How much money can you earn from displaying chitika ads?

Zirkon Kalti

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Chitika is one of the online ad platforms with the lowest payouts. Did anyone have experience making a decent income from Chitika? I know Chitika is a good alternative for people who don't have Adsense account.


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Not worth it IMO. I used to have Chitika placed on my website about 3-4 years ago and Infolinks was giving me 5-6 times better results. I had around 60-70% search engine traffic with around 75% from the regions where Chitika considers as high-paying and it still didn't perform. Furthoremore, one of my payments bounced because of my Paypal being limited and it took them months to confirm it with their accounts department and resend the payment.


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I will not recommend or suggest Chitika if your intention is to earn from it. I use Chitika because it is required to finish a project in the blogging platform I am working on. I am using Chitika for about 3 months and I earned nothing even a single cent despite the impressions.


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I prefer to stay away from Chitika. They are a complete waste of time for me, despite I respect them. They are paying low compare to Google Adsense ads. I tried Chitika after I was banned by Google Adsense, but it seems that my earnings there are not worth despite doing my best to maximize my income with them. But at the end of the day, it was all not worth at all. But at least I tried, and you too. I think you should better look for some revenue programs that are paying higher like Google Adsense or so.


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I have Chitika for last 4 years and I have used them on my blogs posting sites that allowed to use your own adverts like I used it on Bukisa in the past and now on blogjob. I use Chitika adverts but most people do not care much for these adverts so the result is very poor.