Help Me/Question How Robot.txt Is Helpful For Website?whether It Helps For Better Ranking In Seo?


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Robots.txt is a file used to make some instructions for search engines considering crawling and indexing pages of the website. Using it you may allow or disallow certain user-agents from crawling your website. It won't improve your rankings directly, but it surely should be used in SEO.


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Robots.txt file is very important. Using a robots.txt file and with a disallow direction, we can restrict bots or search engine crawling program from websites and or from certain folders and files.

Ajay Rana

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How robot.txt is helpful for website?whether it helps for better ranking in SEO?
A robots.txt file indicates search engine crawlers which pages or records the crawler can or can't request from your webpage. This is used mainly to avoid overloading your site with requests; it is not a mechanism for keeping a website page out of Google.

John - Smith

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it instructs crawlers but not help in ranking directly.