how should I sale on site?

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how should I sale on website

I tried to make shopping card and need salling in this forums. is this possible? I have seen many people on this forums, they discussed about site promotion but i need help to sale online but i don't have idea about online salling. can anyone help me?


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i think you may use classifieds...

also you may post on forums that you were selling something :p


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You have taken the right steps towards selling online, you have a website with shopping cart.
Here are other things you can do to help you sell:
1. Your shopping cart is not search engine friendly, contact the creator of you shopping cart and see if there is a mod that will help you make it search engine friendly, or switch to a shopping cart like Boss Cart which is search engine friendly out of the box
2. Exchange links with sites similar to yours, stone , craft and related sites.
3. Submit your site to web directories
4. Submit your site to Google base and other online shopping engines
5. Use as many forums as possible, add your site url to your forum profile.

There are a lot more you can do but if you can start with the above, you should start getting more traffic.
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