My Suggestion How To Become Successful Freelancer In 2016

Muhammad Rizwan

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As most of you guys already know about the importance of freelancing. Let me give a flashback for a newbie’s in this field. Freelancing is a kind of online business where people work and get paid for it. There is no third party involved in this matter, no bosses or time strictness, etc. A freelancer is free from all worries and can do anything. Most of the freelancers are earning much more than any other offline job. Some people also say that freelancers earn much more than an engineer these days. In this modern age, no one can live without a computer and the internet. A person without the knowledge of computer will be considered illiterate in the future too. These days computer is currently taking over the world. Moreover, freelancers are increasing day by day and this field is becoming wider. Freelancers these days are working online on different sites and are earning handsome amount of income.

In this New Year freelancers have to work hard in order to stay in the race. Otherwise, they will be left behind due to the immense addition of new people. This business is no longer a few people one; it is now widely used all over the world. Many people join this field and more than 60% get successful and 40% lose to get success. This big difference between them is made by their own faults. Especially for article writers, it is hard to stay successful in this New Year. You have to prepare properly before getting new clients. That’s why I have made this article, In order to show you what you need to focus on this new freelancing year.
Now these tips are not only for article writers but for all freelancers. Let’s check them all:
  • Don’t join if you already have a job
This is a very important step in freelancing these days and people don’t give time to it. One should not leave their offline job, if they are already successful in it. Are you satisfied with your wage package? Will you get good amount of pension amount? a Can you save money from monthly investment? If Yes, Then why are you leaving that job? You think you will become millionaire over night? Just like other successful freelancers? That’s absolutely wrong concept in the minds of people. Those people have got successful with lots of hard working and spent months for getting that much success. You should not copy any one’s strategy and think it will work for you. Stick to your offline job in that case and never think of freelancing.
  • Select Appropriate Market
One of the most effective and beneficial ways of becoming successful is marketplaces. There are several online sites or markets where you can get hired as a freelancer. These include freelancer, Upwork, people per hour, and my favorite Fiverr. You should select one of these networks, according to your own interest and likes. Afterwards, stick to a single network in the beginning and don’t go here and there. It will only waste your time. You should stick to a single market and keep working on it until you get success.
  • You are Your Own Boss, Handle Wisely
This is the most important benefit of becoming a freelancer. We don’t have to follow any guidelines of bosses or staff members. We work with our own will and as much as we want. There is not forcing act that will make you work for longer period of time. You can give as much time as you want on freelancing. The more time you give, the more you will earn from this business. Therefore, become a wise boss and don’t make your company have a big loss. Never become involved in irregular activities. Don’t waste time anywhere and do proper research before starting work.

Final Words
I hope these tips would be of great use to new freelancers these days. Especially in the year 2016, we have to follow these tips in order to get success. Don’t waste your time reading Facebook news feed and move towards Google SERP’s. This will help you get experience and increase your skills in freelancing.


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Finding the proper market is the basics of being successful freelancer. You must decided whether you will write for content mills,have your own blog or write for clients.


It's Game Time!
@Muhammad Rizwan you have excellent points mentioned for us to become successful freelancers this year. Of course, we can't apply a freelance work that we don't know or have limited knowledge. It reminds me back then when I was still new in freelancing, and I don't know how to write articles and do forum posting. I just simply follow basic instructions on some easy tasks until I learned how to do article writing and forum posting for good. Of course as freelancers, we don't have any bosses but only clients who is ordering from our respective services. I believe we can succeed this year.


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The first point is excellent,but most freelancers what they think is they are going to make huge money on Internet. Some people spend time from offices to make money but they definitely fail.
Freelancing is not very easy comparing to an offline job and in these days it is too tough for getting into success.


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You're right about that. Focus is so important. If someone can't give something his/her full attention, then success will only remain a dream. It's very important to give time to the freelance work because you could simply lose an order by replying late to a query. The person who is hungrier will always get the job.


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Those are some great tips that freelancers can take note of. If I may add, as freelancers, we also need to always improve our skills so that we can get more clients and be open to more jobs too.

Swati Mishra

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Your points are very important to become successful freelancer. I am agree with your point you are your own boss. as much possible you can give the time for your work.


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Also, since most of us are working at home, we should also be careful in being too comfortable. Sometimes, when we get too comfortable, we tend to lose track of time and this may result to us not finishing the projects or tasks that we are working on. This should not happen as we may lose clients and customers in the long run.

niranjan kumar

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Few tips that make you successful freelancer in 2016.
Make your freelancer account fill your all detail that requires in freelancer account.
Also add payment method "paypal, credit card, skrill, any other method that you have available ". if you have skill and you want work professionally then start your freelancer account as a Plus member it's available in 490 rupees per month, your first month is free after that you need to pay.
As a Plus freelancer member you got 100 bid per month plus additional bid in every 6 hour. So you have now 220 bid per month.

Doominic anderson

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Your suggestion for becoming a successful freelancer is very helpful,if freshers who really want to make a good career as a freelancer and earn a lot then i suggest to study the above tutorial and follow the suggestions.
The best part of the tutorial is " you are your own boss ", you can be the boss but with a great effort and passionate about your work.

steve taylor

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As you suggest do not join freelancing if you have already job. But most of the people join freelancing for making extra money along with their regular job. some of the people do not have great salary from their full time job. so they have to need more money they can earn money from freelancing . It is simple and we can do part time job easily.


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Freelancing is best platform for dedicated person. If you have knowledge and ability to get more and more project then you can set up a small team and you can earn much money. And also you can expand your team and company as per requirement.