My Experience How To Build An Email Database


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Email is the cheapest and the easiest way of communication between people all over the world. Emails know no boundaries as they inherit this property from the Web. Not only common people like me and you but also people who are engaged in online marketing of the products or services use the email facility to easily market their offerings to people who have email ids. It is also known as email marketing.
In the early days of email marketing people used to complain about the unknown mails being delivered in their canada business database. Few companies were even dragged to courts and were penalized too as they were either using wrong methods to create database of emails or were irritating users by sending unsolicited emails. This forced online marketer to initiate permission marketing whereby the user will give his/her assent to receive emails and that too only for those areas which interests him/her and only then will receive emails. This can be seen when we register for some email service online like Yahoo!, Gmail, and Rediff.
Another way which is quite popular is to use some email leeching software to extract the email ids from any website. Few people or companies buy email database from third parties to fulfill their online marketing needs. But these two methods too amount to illegitimate techniques. I will enlist some methods which you can use to build an email database without going on the wrong track.
The methods are as follows:
1. Offer something for free - Free is the most weighted term online. It is the driving force behind any business. People tend to hover for free offerings and their decision can be easily swayed by using this term. To entice them for free offerings, provide something useful like an e-book or software and in return ask them for their email ids so that they can be added in the mailing list and can be provided with the information of any future offerings.
2. Subscription - If you are providing quality content then you will definitely have readers. Ask them to subscribe for the newsletter but keep in mind to keep the subscription process absolutely simple and short.
3. Hold Events - Organize some events like online seminar or contests on your website. It will draw huge crowd if you are providing something useful and to get it people don't mind going through a brief registration process which includes submitting their email address.
4. Contact us form - Every website has a contact form. Never forget to include the "Enter email" field in the form.
5. Feedback form - Employ the "Feedback" form to collect the information from the visitors about the website, the product or service or anything that you want to know. Make the email address field mandatory.
6. Online surveys - It is also a useful tool to get a feel about any subject from the users online. From here too we can get loads of emails as user will be required to give his/her email in order to get the result of the survey.
If you follow the above stated methods, you will gradually build a successful mailing list which will help you in the long run provided you follow the guidelines to create professional newsletters which generate users' interest in your offerings or else your email database will be of no use.
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Great post, 3rd point is really helpful, by holding events we can attract new visitors and collect their emails and by this method, we can collect a huge database of emails. Feedback forms and online surveys are also a great way of collecting leads like other points mentioned in this post. I'd like to add one more point to this post. Collecting emails is a routine process after some time emails turn dead and some users change their email address. which results in a dead email and abandoned emails get converted into recycled spam emails. To deal with this I suggest regular email list hygiene to keep the email list clean and maintain deliverability and sender's score


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