Tutorial How To Deal With Refunds As Product Vendor?


It's Game Time!

Hello everyone!

I don't know if anyone here in WMS is already a product vendor of an affiliate or internet marketing product? or have you experienced it at least once in your life? To be honest with you guys, I am also a product vendor, in which I have two eBooks that I owned and sell it to buyers. The good thing about those eBooks is because there are zero refunds in my own experience, because the methods are real and I am not the guy who misleads everyone here. Speaking of refunds, this is going to be the main topic that we're going to discuss right now. Without further ado, I would simply like to give out a tutorial on how you are going to deal with refunds from customers as the product owner or vendor.

Take note that this article is only meant for those who are selling affiliate and internet marketing products as product vendors for good. But before I would reveal on how you are going to deal with this as a product vendor, I would like to share a little bit of my experience first when I am asking for a refund from a product that I have bought.

It was years ago when I bought a yellow pages software for $97 from the Warrior Forum, and I tested it on my computer. At first, it was pretty working well on my part until I found something that makes my computer hang off and needs to restart. I contacted their customer support asking for a refund, and I give them all the details to my own problem, and I'm doing it in a nice way. Because I show respect to them and voiced out my problem in a nice way, the product vendor understands me and immediately sends me a refund.

But what if you were in their shoes? How would you deal with your customers in terms of asking for product refunds?

By the way, here's how you deal with your customers in case that they are asking for a refund:

1. Read their complaint carefully and respond in a nice way.

When there's an email from a customer who asks for a refund, it's better that you should take time to read it first. If in case that your customer is asking for a refund without any additional and accurate details, reply them back by letting them explain on their side on why they want to ask for refunds. In this situation, you may have a little bit of common sense and give time to send them a response if they have done something wrong with the method or a software that has some errors on their part. But don't argue, just reply and deal it in a nice way.

2. Ask them to give you a chance that the product can be improved with your new update.

This is only applicable once you have the latest update ongoing and listening to their suggestions. If you think that your suggestions aren't enough to convince them, it is better that you should give them a refund, as the customers are right for most of the time. However, if they give you a chance, make sure that you are going to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer with your product's improvement in the next update.

3. Make sure that you will only grant refunds per your money back guarantee terms.

Don't try to fool yourself on this step. For example, if you have a 60-day money back guarantee, make sure that the customer is eligible for a refund within that period. But if in case the customer would ask for a refund beyond the guarantee period, tell him or her that it won't be granted due to your product's terms.

4. When refund was sent, kindly ask them if they would reconsider your product in the future once its updated and improved.

Don't be afraid to ask them even if they have received a refund from you. If they say no, just accept it and say thank you in a nice way. But if they do, give them an opt-in form to stay subscribed with your product updates for a possibility that they should reconsider.

5. Give them a freebie as a way of saying thank you for trying out your product.

Lastly, give them a farewell freebie. Even if they complained, but giving them a freebie would really appreciate them and they may consider you again in the future.

I hope you have learned something about the tutorial as a product vendor. Just try this on your own as a product vendor, and see what will happen. You can reply here for some questions. :D