How To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Site

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There are three fundamental ways to generate targeted traffic to your website.
Following are the methods that is used for implementation.
1. Buy Traffic
This method required you to have some cash to do advertising to drive traffic to your site. Some of the ways are Pay Per Click, Ezine advertising, Banner Ads.
2. Create Traffic
This method involve some viral effect to be more effective. You can either participate in forum, comment on other people blog, write articles or give away a free report.
3. Stealing Traffic
This method is what I love most. It is actually borrowing other people traffic to come to your site, it is also known as leveraging. One example of leveraging is through affiliate system. You can either have a product of your own, then create an affiliate program where by lots of people will sent targeted traffic to your site for the sake of earning a commission. This method can be powerful you do it well.
Driving traffic to your site is not as difficult as it seem if you know the fundamental ways that you can do it.
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