Help Me/Question How to find broken links on your website?

jones Roy

Google Analytics is a best free tool for easily finding broken links. it is also tracking your website's performance.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
You can search for the keyword "broken link checker" on the search engine. The broken link checker will scan your entire site for broken links and list the pages where there are broken links. To prevent broken links, I suggest you use a site builder to create a site as it can be time consuming to correct all the broken links manually.


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Have you tried Siteliner? It is from the makers of CopyScape so that adds to the reliability. It scans for Duplicate content, broken links, reports and compare other statistics and I think it is useful. Give it a try! :)

niranjan kumar

White Belt
Best way to identify or manage your broken links through webmaster. Add your website in google webmaster verify your own property. After that you can able to get your website all information such as how many your webpages is index in google, you can also watch your all current broken links in your website.


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This works great, first ever heard about this tool and used first time. It really works, but don't know whether it showed all broken links or not, but for me worked great.
In webmaster tools tools it shows links which have been removed in the past, but not present broken or dead links. Thanks for sharing the link here.

Siteliner didn't showed the broken links, but duplicate content shows including tagged words of posts with original posts.

Swati Mishra

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There are lot of tools available on the internet that can help you identifying the broken link/s your website has. It is a god practice to analyze the numbers of existing links and the links that went broken. It should be fix and should be rectify time after time.