Tutorial How To Get Approved For Yahoo! Bing Ads Network

Muhammad Rizwan

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If your site is not getting approved for Google Adsense, don’t just lose heart. Cheer up and give a try to other publisher networks. Media.net publisher program also known as Yahoo! Bind Ads is the best alternative. They are working hard to compete with Google Adsense and provide awesome services for publishers. Currently they are offering best rates as an alternative to PPC advertisement. Earning from a website is the dream of every blogger. Hence, after using this site, the dream can become true.

Yahoo! Bing Ads Network is a type of contextual network. It serves contextual ads to the publisher’s site. They have an algorithm working in the background, which allows them to show quality advertisements. However, don’t just think that it is easy to get approved for this network too. Unlike other networks, it has not yet been launched publicly. They are still in beta state and only allow quality sites to be joined in their program. An invitation system is currently working on their site. Using that form we can send an invitation to get approved for their network.

In this article I will explain how to get approved for this amazing publisher network. So let’s see the requirements to get approved for their network.

Content of Site:
It is one of the most effective factors that is necessary in every website. In websites language there is a saying that Content is King. It is an amazing statement which describes an important rule. If your site’s content is not effective, it will have a bad effect on your site. Almost all publishers including media.net publisher program, requires a site to have quality content in it.

It is the second most important part of preparing your website. Your site must be old enough to get quality traffic daily. A few thousand visitors would be enough, but they should be from tier 1 countries. These include USA, UK, Canada, etc. If you get traffic from these countries along with others, Then you have a chance to get approved for this network.

User-Friendly Interface
Your site must have a friendly interface for the user. Include a proper navigation system and pages structure in your site. Don’t create a bundle of links and junk of text like site.

Alexa Ranking and Domain Age
Your site must be at least three months old in age. Also the Alexa ranking is being monitored by Yahoo! Bing Ads Team. According to them a site will be rejected if it is not at least on a rank of 200,000.

What if your site rank is “0” in Google?
Don’t worry with that factor. They are currently neglecting this factor and are only counting traffic and quality of content in their list. So forget about Google page rank for now and focus on other subjects of your site.

Applying for Yahoo! Bind Ads Network
The approval process is simple and straight forward. As I have already explained that you have to submit an invitation request form. After visiting Media.net site you will see a form like below one.
Click Here to Visit
  • Fill in the contact details (Name and Last Name)
  • Email Address (Fill a Valid Address)
  • Website (Enter Your Website Link)
  • Category (Choose Wisely)
  • Captcha (It’s simple fill in as it is)
  • That’s it Click on Submit.
Now you just have to wait until they respond to your request. Chances are you will get response within 2-3 days only or it will take a week. Make sure all the requirements given in this article is fulfilled by your site. After that you can apply using the above method. I hope now you can easily submit invitation request and even get approved too.


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This is a very informative article that you have posted man, and I really appreciate this one. I have already tried Yahoo/Bing Ads network on my own, and I think they are less competitive compare to Google. Most webmasters and internet marketers didn't realize that Yahoo/Bing Ads network is a hidden goldmine in the making, as they are mostly focused on Google Adwords alone. One of my contacts on Skype is using this network and he is making decent money on Clickbank. What's really surprising is that he is using Google Keyword Planner to research keywords, and then implement on Yahoo/Bing ads. This has great potential than you ever imagined.

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
Great tutorial I Never knew Media.net is a one part of yahoo Ads Network. This post is very informative and helpful. Loved it.
Yes, it surely is a partner of both Yahoo! and Bing Ads network. The three fo these companies or we can say organizations have signed up a contract. They are working together and must be sharing revenue with each other. Yahoo! and Bings were partners from a long time. However, recently they got an agreement with Media.net and added them in their business.

Now the whole setup of this publisher revenue program is being handled by Media.net. This includes approval of sites and payment of clients, etc.


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I was looking for a tutorial like this. I have heard that media.net or yahoo Bing contextual ad network is competing with google adsense. Marketing guru speculate that soon Media.net will become the best alternative to Adsense.


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I just heard about Bing and Yahoo ad network right now. I will check on it as I may use it on my blog. It is good that Google has a competition that was a huge brand.

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
I was looking for a tutorial like this. I have heard that media.net or yahoo Bing contextual ad network is competing with google adsense. Marketing guru speculate that soon Media.net will become the best alternative to Adsense.
Yes, Yahoo! Bing Ads network is till the best alternative to Google Adsense. The only thing that is neglected by every publisher is the signup process. They are in beta stage still and are not directly accepting publishers. They have a simple but strict invitation system. The invitation system makes sure quality sites enter their program. They are suffering very high efforts and developing day by day. Moreover, they will become more advanced and at a time, they will compete Google Adsense properly.