Help Me/Question How to get approved from commission junction?

Zirkon Kalti

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I applied to Commission Junction. I noticed that some advertisers decline my applications. What can I do to improve the chance of approval for the applications I submit?


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Commission Junction or CJ has really grown to become one of the top players in affiliate marketing. Now their businesses or advertisers are actually companies making tens or hundreds of thousands per month and thus CJ is very selective in giving approval to affiliates especially if you are starting new.

As far as CJ is concerned, they would not care if you were allowed to market all the products on their platform, because the more you sell the more money CJ makes. But, you need to understand the advertisers on CJ have their own priorities and preferences, CJ offers advertisers option to select what kind of affiliates they would like to approve based on your reputation stats, website niche, website quality, your affiliate history, your geographic location, your audience geographic location, etc.

Only a handful of affiliates may get approval for all products on the CJ platform, so don't be dishearted because some companies denied your request to join their affiliate program. Some companies deny affiliates from certain countries, some only allow affiliates from certain countries. But, there are some tips you can incorporate in your activities to get a higher chance of being approved:
  1. Create a good website in specific niche. Make sure your website or blog looks and functions well in browsers and has good content on it. Some companies want their brand to be associated or mentioned only on high quality websites and if your website looks old and without interesting fresh content, they are most likely to deny your request.

  2. Create a good profile on CJ, do not keep your profile information blank and try to write a professional introduction about yourself. Companies will read your profile if you meet their other criteria to decide whether to accept or deny your request.

  3. If you received a denial immediately on applying on CJ, most likely you did not meet the geographic or other criteria setup by the advertiser. Sometimes, they do approve you after the initial denial when they manually consider your request.

  4. When you get a denial, that is not the end of it. You have an option to directly message the advertiser via CJ to introduce yourself and tell them how you can market their products and explain the reasons your website visitors will be interested in products they are offering. They can then approve your request to join if they feel satisfied with your introduction. Keep in mind, some companies never respond to these messages and have strict criteria for approvals setup in their settings and will not have staff to manually approve requests.

  5. Make sure you website does not look like copy pasted content. The more public engagement on your website in terms of comments and social media, the more your website looks active and unique to advertisers. Again, do not mix-up all kinds of products ion your website or in one category or section. Keep sections tightly bound to their niche, this will also make your site visitors read other related content specific to the niche since visitors came to read about that specific item you posted in the first place.
Good luck with your CJ efforts, hope you will post your experience here and help us learn too.


You should have a decent looking website first of all.You can email them through the Advertisers profile. Some Advertisers decline publishers based on certain criteria like how long you have been on the network, your country of origin, state where you live, and what your website looks like. If it doesn't look like a fit they may decline you. However, some have it set to decline automatically, so you have to send that email.


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Thanks for the tips. I am also interested in commission junction. I have recently launched a wesite and published few contents. I have placed amazon products on my website. I want to place a question can I market commission junction products along with amazon product. Another question I have is what about the domain extension? Does commission junction only accepet top level domains?