Help Me/Question How To Get Client Or Apply For Job On Fiverr


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Hope you all will be fine.
I need help that how to get clients or assignment on Fiverr?
I have made account also made a gig. But still now cant get any project.
Plz help
Thanks in advance.

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Getting or not Getting project on Fiver isn't in your hand. Fiverrr is wonderful platform for online selling & buying but now Fiverr has update their turn, Fiverr don't allow
promotion so you can't promote your Gigs with seller. You just have to wait for orders on your Gigs or you can share your profile on social media to get orders& last think make you Gigs more attractive than other seller that customer look at your Gig & get you order.
You've done your part (make sure you've given a competitive price for your services) now wait for customers to contact you. Nothing much you can do now


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Yes it depends on your number of your previous projects done in past and reviews at last never loose hope for some better time :)