Tutorial How To Get Targeted Leads On Facebook?


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Before Facebook was born, Friendster and Myspace were the top social networks in the world. I admit that I am so addicted with these two social networks for good. When Facebook was still new to the internet, I am still very skeptical that this is just another normal social network and might not pass Friendster and Myspace.

But I was totally wrong....

Right now, Facebook is the best social network in the world. Friendster and Myspace are long gone now in the social world. Facebook is the 2nd most visited site next to Google search engine. Because of that, it created an opportunity for businesses, product creators, web and mobile developers ,and internet/affiliate marketers to generate revenue with Facebook.

However, there's a catch. In order to generate some revenue with Facebook, you need to learn the basics in doing it. Although there are useful guides out there by searching on Google, I think this guide is good enough for you to get started. I find this guide effective for me, because I experimented it myself by promoting a health product. By using these five steps in generating targeted leads, I was able to get customers online in buying health products from my own website. If it works for me, I am sure that this will work for you as long you follow the steps.

But I can't promise that you'll be having the same results as I do, but I do know that you might be having better results than I am, as long you are working for it. Without further ado, I would like to present to you another tutorial of mine on how to get targeted leads on Facebook.


Step #1: Join a relevant niche Facebook group

This is the very first step that you need to do before generating targeted leads. If you already logged in to your own account, the first step you need is to find a targeted niche group or something related to it. Just use the search bar beside the Facebook logo and find groups that are closely related to your product or service. For example, if you are in the health niche, you should find groups that are related to health. I have an important tip for you though, don't join groups who are having less than 500 members or any group that was inactive.


Step #2: Participate and reply in group posts

Once you have requested to join a group and approved you, just try to introduce yourself first. Try to tell them about your true intentions on why you are joining the group. Please take note that you are not going to join just to promote and advertise products directly. The reason you are joining the group is because you wanna learn and help the community by giving great value. In that way, you are now starting to build relationship with them. Try to participate and leave genuine comments on the posts of the group members to start build your own reputation.


Step #3: Add them as friends, introduce yourself and compliment them

After you're done with Step #2, you can now start adding them as friends and compliment them. I suggest that while you send a friend request to them, tell them your reason on why you want to be friends with them. Regardless of their yes or no decision, you can say that you want to connect and learn more from them, and also help them in their concerns. One way for them to like you in the first few seconds of the conversation is to compliment them by saying something nice.


Step #4: Build relationship and trust to them

The fourth step that you need to take is simply build relationship and trust to the group members. One way to do that is to connect deeply with them on what they really need for their life. One key thing that you should be doing is simply ask what they really like about this group, how would this help him or her, what he or she is exactly looking for or looking forward in this group and so on. For example, if the group is all about health, you can ask him or her about their health condition, the medication they're taking, and so on. Once you have identified their needs, you can now go to Step #5.


Step #5: Share your solution to them

The final step that you need to do in order to generate targeted leads on Facebook was to share the solution to them. Convince them why your solution can help them, and how its way different than the others. Remember, don't do this without completing the first four steps. If you skip all of them and move here to step 5, they might treat you as an advertiser and may remove you from the group indefinitely. The lesson for this step is don't take shortcuts!

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This is my tutorial for today, and I hope you have learned something. I know this is basic stuff, but there are still average Joes out there who are still struggling in generating leads and revenue with Facebook, and this would help you no matter what. I wish you the best of luck in making money with Facebook.

To your success!


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I have used Facebook as an advertising tool,so I also would like to point out some aspects before you take any step.

Step #1: Join a relevant niche Facebook group
After joining the group make sure you dont spam the hell out of it :p. It will result in instant ban.
In order to get more and more leads or traffic to your website make sure you join only those groups, which have active users.

Step #2: Participate and reply in group posts
This is very important point. This way you not only make your presence but also will make new friends, partners, clients.
Don't reply or comment as you are selling or promoting something.

Step #3: Add them as friends, introduce yourself and compliment them
Before adding them as friends,make sure you are comfortable with them.

Step #4: Build relationship and trust to them
Very important, in contrast to grow your business.

Step #5: Share your solution to them
You can always use different resources for a solution.


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I still remember my space. I was at my high school days back then, but if I posses the skills that I have right now when my space is still up, new, and running, I think, I have made a lot of money back then. The tips that you have might work. I am not saying that it won't, but there is a possibility that it will succeed. I appreciate your post's, I hope that you will not stop sharing things or ideas.