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Tutorial How To Handle Objections In Product Sales For Business Opportunities?

Discussion in 'Product Sales' started by cheezcarls, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. cheezcarls

    cheezcarls It's Game Time!
    Yellow Belt

    Dec 15, 2015
    +162 / -0

    Hello everyone!

    I am back again for another tutorial, and this is going to help you boost sales in no time. If you are looking to increase your product sales in a day, week or month, you need to master handling objections. No matter what field are you in business, it is important that you may not lose potential sales. One of the reasons that we are not closing deals with our customers is the lack of handling their objections. No matter it’s offline or online, the handling objection technique in doing sales is essential.

    I admitted that when I do sales before, I have lack of skills in answering several objections from the customer. As a result, I have zero to less sales and I did not reach the quota. I also have experience trying to sell coffee and herbal supplements in an old network marketing company before, but I failed. You know why? It is because I wasn't told and trained how to handle these common objections.

    Now with my experience in doing sales for the past few years, I have finally figured it out on how to handle them nicely. But before we do that, I have some tips for you. Don't argue with the customer, just handle it a nice way. Also, always follow the "One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward" rule.

    There are people who still wishes that people won't object anymore. But they've got the wrong perspective at all. Let's say you are presenting a product to a customer and he or she doesn't object anything, it means there's something wrong. A person who didn't object anything isn't listening or interested in what you are presenting. Some salesman think that objection is one thing that holds them back from selling the product themselves. But they don't realize that objections had a good purpose, and it's up to us on how we are going to respond. Objections are part of the business, and we should learn how to handle them like no other.

    Anyway, I am just going to share these common objections that you can apply no matter if it's online or offline:


    Objection #1: “I have no money”

    This is one of the most common objections that you receive from a customer. Most of the customers may say that they have no or less money at all. In other words, they cannot afford what you are offering them. Here are the answers that you can tell them.

    Answer #1: I understand that you have no money, because I was the same like you before. But how long are you going to say that you have no more money? Years ago until today, money is your problem, right? If you keep doing the same thing five years from now, do you think you have the same problem?

    Answer #2: I understand that you can't afford it, because I can't afford it too before. Let's say your family member was hospitalized and you have no money, and the doctor tells you to pay $X,XXX within 24 hours. Will you do anything to save your family member's life?


    Objection #2: “I have no time for that”

    This is also another common objection. Expect that most of your customers may say that they have no time or they are just busy. Here are some examples that I want to suggest.

    Answer #1: I understand that you have no time, because I was just like you before. But I have a question for you. How long you will have no time? Don't you wanna spend time to change your life and have more time with your family than today?

    Answer #2: I understand that you only have less time, because I have less time doing this myself before. But I just realized that I spend more time working for the dreams of my boss rather than my own. Would you like to work more for your boss' dreams than yours?


    Objection #3: “Can you guarantee that your product generates results for me?”

    This objection so far is challenging for me, but I did overcome it. Before doing this, make sure that you try the product for yourself first to be confident that your product generates results on your part. Here are my suggestions for this objection.

    Answer #1: I understand what you're trying to expect on this product, because I was expecting the same thing. I tested this for myself and I do have spectacular results. I can't promise and guarantee that you will have the same results like I do, but I do guarantee that you will also generate results once you follow the system and take action.

    Answer #2: I understand your concern, because I was just like you before. But can I ask you a question? If you want to earn a consistent $X,XXX a month, would you give time and effort for that? If yes, I can guide you how and we will earn together. Does this sound great to you?

    I hope this tutorial will help you in terms of handling the basic objections from a business customer. No matter if it's a business opportunity or so, it will help you increase sales like no other.
  2. bharath

    Staff Member Yellow Belt

    Dec 7, 2015
    +54 / -0
    You have written very well for the first two objections, but the third one I seen such types in warrior forums.
    There are members who just sold ebooks for making $$$$ and what they say is exactly you said. Follow me and you will be making in thousands of $$$$ per day by buying this book for just $XX amount.

    My question is does these people really know how to make such huge amount then why they are selling such cheap ebooks?
    It sounds like he will kick to me when the business grow as he just wants to build the business for the time being or have to invest money with him.
  3. cheezcarls

    cheezcarls It's Game Time!
    Yellow Belt

    Dec 15, 2015
    +162 / -0
    I totally understand your concern @bharath@bharath. But we are not talking about "them" as sellers, as I am referring to "you" as a seller yourself in handling these customer objections. I completely forgot to say that this handling objections tutorial is meant for people like you who are product sellers, not as product buyers. I also have the same concern with you too, I've bought several eBooks, video courses and software on Warrior Forum, but almost none of them delivered what I've expected despite the efforts. I was a seller before on Warrior Forum, and I always deliver what was promised to them once they take action (but my WF account was gone now because I was scammed), and no refunds (not even once) from my own products because it works on my part and others.

    I hope you finally get what I mean. Cheers and have a good day man.
  4. target

    White Belt

    Dec 21, 2015
    +0 / -0
    Product knowledge and learning the business well is the key here. This is mostly the reason why companies only hire someone with experience and has been in the industry for awhile like they know the business like the back of their hands. A buyer will doubt if a simple question is address with just saying "yes our product is worth."

    Ebook doesn't sound like very sale-able these days even with tons of good reviews, the smart people on the internet will just keep suspecting the reviews were bought or just few of the author's alt. It has to have proof of earnings else, people will just think its a ponzi and the author kept earning through the ebook sales.
    That's just it, giving hope is just like giving hope.

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