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Tutorial How To Identify Competitors At The Url Level And Perform Url Vs Url Analysis?

Discussion in 'Keyword Research' started by Serpstat.com, May 31, 2017.

  1. Serpstat.com

    Serpstat.com White Belt

    I'll show you how you can easily find of your competitors on URL level and go after their most promising keywords [​IMG]

    Enter a URL into the search bar of the tool, click Search and browse to URL Analysis / Competitors:
    The report contains a list of competing pages made up based on common keywords.
    Copy one or two competitor URLs and navigate to URL Analysis / URL vs URL and enter the competitor URLs into the corresponding fields (or select from the suggested competitors).
    The diagram displays the common keywords of the three or any two of the compared pages and unique keyword of each page:
    The selected keywords and the rankings are presented under the diagram.
  2. neelseofast

    neelseofast White Belt

    your explanation with image made it much more easy to understand. thanks for sharing such important post.
  3. Naksh

    Naksh White Belt

    Thanks for sharing this post. Very Helpful.

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