Help Me/Question How To Identify Fake Account On Facebook?

steve taylor

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How to identify fake account on facebook i gate daily many friend requests how to check It is fake or true
and many people create fake account on facebook it is very big problem on the social networking sites so if you have any suggestion inform me your comments help me to identify fake accounts on facebook.


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Usually, fake accounts do not have a lot of photos and friends but it can be quite difficult to tell sometimes. Just to be sure, if you do not see any connection between you and the person who sent you a friend request, think twice before accepting.


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There are no exact method for identify Facebook fake account, But you can identify fake Facebook account with your personal experience.
In my personal experience a fake Facebook account have not genuine post on his profile, they don't regularly about self.
First check their profile, profile Photo, friend list, Facebook joining date, their Facebook family member.

Manish Mishra

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The easiest way is that they will have tons of friends and no real pictures. They will upload avatar instead of real pictures. the problem is making fake account they cannot upload tons of photo of a similar guy. They can search some pictures and upload it to their profile but they will not be able to update regularly since they have only a few fake photos of a guy.

niranjan kumar

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It difficult to identify fake account but some observation you can analyse its fake/real account.At first identify the person in the profile picture,Mostly fake account uses a single picture,observe timeline and comments and last check friend list.From these things you get some idea about that person.Beware of fake profiles of girls and do not reply of there question at first analyse the account if you feel safe then give the feedback.