Help Me/Question How To Improve Keywords Ranking Immediately?


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To improve Keywords ranking, you can opt for pay par click. PPC it provides quick results but need to pay more.


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10 Proven Ways to Increase Your Google Rankings:

1. Start with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines
2. Perform a Technical SEO Audit
3. Choosing a keyword with good volume & relevant to your business model
4. Check Out your business Competition
5. Fix Duplicate Content
6. Conceptualize the Content with long-tail keywords
7. Optimize for Mobile & Speed of the Website
8. On-Page Optimization
9. Don’t forget about off-page SEO
10. Share your content through your business’s social accounts
Paid campaign is instant keyword results and if you need organice results it will take time. So for instant you can go for paid seo campaign...


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To improve keyword ranking content submission on the blog sites helps more to rank faster in the search engine result page. Build quality backlinks as well.

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For keyword ranking, nothing can be immediate, just go with SEO techniques if you want it free. Otherwise, PPC can be done which is paid.

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Google has not provided an option to make your keyword to rank immediately. Only one option is there which is "Paid advertisements". Research has said that by doing paid advertisements, your keyword ranking increases.

If you want the keyword to rank then follow the simple tips:
1. Do proper research on keywords and choose the keywords which are less competitive and the search volume is high.
2. Do proper on page SEO and make sure to highlight the keyword in header tags, title and alt tags, etc. Make sure not to do keyword stuffing.
3. Make sure that you have not missed any optimization factor which is important in SEO.
4. The next step is to create backlinks and generating traffic to your website. Make sure that you are using the keywords to hyperlink the website. Even it is a part of SEO.
There is no option to improve your keyword ranking immediately. You can do black hat SEO to improve your keyword in 2 weeks. But google algorithm kicks your site forever.

I normally make a plan for three months to improve keywords in google 1st page in #1 position.

Here are some major steps in bellow -

First Step -

1. Before ranking some keywords in google 1st page, I always do keyword research specific niche. Try to find some low competitive keyword with a good monthly search.
2. Use your Main keyword or focus keyword to your title tag, domain address and H1 tag.(Don't use other places in your page, otherwise, google algorithm kicks your site).
3. Use other keywords as a broad match and phrase match in your site.

2nd step -

1. Now Build Local Citation Listing. It means Use your business information to submit google business site and yellow page, white page etc. So Google map finds your business.
2. Now create your high PA & DA backlinks -

Submit your site link to the business directory site. it helps to drive traffic to your site and rank up your site and keyword. ( 2 weeks)
3. Create accounts in social media sites. Write about your business, post image about your business, etc. (2 weeks)
4. Now focus your business to blog sites, Social bookmarking site(Quora, Reddit, etc), guest posting sites, etc. (rest of weeks)

I think If you do all of the things that I mentioned above after 3 months your rank up your keyword and drive a good visitor to your site.



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Here are several ways to improve your keyword rankings in Google by looking at your site more holistically.
Measure Your Rankings.
Target the Right Keywords.
Fix Technical Issues.
Focus on the User Experience.
Optimize for Users & Search Engines.
Create Eye-Catching & Engaging Titles.
Stay on Top of Algorithm Updates.