My Experience How to Increase Domain Authority?


Yellow Belt
Domain Authority (DA) is a number (metric) that indicates the authority of your website. The higher your domain authority is, the greater are your chances of ranking higher in search engine result pages (SERPS) and getting more organic traffic.
The Domain Authority metric was developed by Moz, but other companies have created similar metrics that rank domains based on a number of factors and give them a rating from 0 to 100.
The idea of ranking domains based on their authority emerged from PageRank that was introduced by Larry Page (one of Google’s Founders) and it is used until today as a way to measure the importance of webpages and websites.


Red Belt
Domain authority is the measure of strength and popularity of your domain in search engines. It is measured by Moz and your domain is ranked between 0 to100 depending on the popularity and trust. DA can be improved by good content update and also by building backlinks from other relevant domains.
Steps to increase Domain Authority are as follows:-
  • Improve the On-Page SEO Process
  • Make Linkable Content
  • Optimize On-Page Content
  • Insert Useful Link Internally
  • Remove Toxic Backlinks
  • Make Website Mobile-Friendly
  • Improve Website Page Speed
  • Create more Social Signals
  • Share Content on Social Media Channels, etc.


Yellow Belt
  1. Pick a domain name that is relevant to your niche.
  2. Optimize on-page SEO including your title tags, image alt tags, and the content.
  3. Produce high-quality content that people will link to.
  4. Include internal links to improve user experience.
  5. Run an audit to remove bad and broken links for a healthy website.