How to increase GoogleBot activity on your website

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In the following conditions :

1. a lot of content
2. the website is already optimized on page
3. sitemap with over 3000 URLs.

What it could be useful :

- working on the internal link structure
- getting a good amount of inlinks
- update the content as often as possible

I am waiting for other suggestions also

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I hope the following can help too:
  • Build out a real sitemap for users
  • Make sure you have a search engine friendly site
  • Increase the crawl rate at Google Webmaster Tools.



googlebot please dont be afraid , and come and visit my

there are already tree weeks jow i put my site on google..i meen register with in google webmaster tools, but there is no google boot to visit my page neighter is indexed, i tried everything, google ads, backlinks, i have forum also. well, sometimes before this happend i did not have any problem with googlebot, as soon as i put google ads, googlebot came very quickly to my site, bu now thet is not a case. Can anyone have ideas about this, or did anyone have same problem?


in my opinion, you should target your keyword properly, and find out how to generate traffic to your site!


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Targeting keywords is very important if you really are at aim to invite numerous visits to your site...

on komsija's case, I experienced a not so related case.. I had a blog and been optimizing it for a month since the day I created it.. To my surprise, the traffic rose to 1500+ a day that instant.. What I did was, I submitted a sitemap to google webmaster tool and update my blog almost everyday.. I did got a descent PR as well.. During the 2nd month, my attention was shifted to another thing and that I forgot to update my blog.. After 2 months, I experienced a shrinking traffic but the PR hasn't changed.. I then think that a constant update to a site makes it more attractive to bots and positioning on SERP.. Now, I only got less than 500 unique hits a day with totally no update on my blog.. Hope you could have some idea from this..

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For a site with a lot of pages, a sitemap is vital to Google as it helps them know which pages to visit often and which to ignore.
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