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My Suggestion How To Increase Organic Traffic On Our Site?

Discussion in 'General Marketing and Promotion' started by rahuldas, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. rahuldas

    White Belt

    Jan 5, 2016
    +2 / -0
    Imagine a situation. How can you attract the attention of people in a crowd? You may shout like all other people but it will get diluted in the pandemonium. Or you may wave your hand but it will get mixed with the millions of hands waving. So end result? You won’t get noticed and eventually, you will lose your way. This is exactly what happens in the web world. With so many sites jostling for space and attention, increasing organic traffic becomes a herculean task. You may end up losing steam and incur losses instead of scoring a higher customer number. So how can you actually increase organic traffic on your website? Here is a comprehensive list of some of the effective ways to do so:
    1. Blogging presents a picture of the content of your site. This allows your customer to visit your site and get a better picture. This proves to be the most effective method to attract web users to your site as content-laden and informative blogs can win the confidence of the customer in just a flash. Avoid poorly written blogs, cheap contents, scant information and profanity laced ads to attract customers. This may be a detrimental step.
    2. Be the forum. Share links of your previous success and customer satisfaction story. Sharing and comments can proliferate your traffic and this is a cumulative process. An exponential potential to harvest, try this for its sheer power.
    3. Search engine optimization should be enhanced so that customers can zero in quickly, thus saving time and having an edge over your contemporaries. The keywords hold the key to the customers visiting your site. Use keywords which are not common and which perfectly defines your market quotient. Use all those keywords customers often use and use it to win their confidence and attention. Common keywords may sometimes lead them to an array of sites and you may lose out many customers as your contemporaries will chip in.
    4. Maintain the standard of your site. Attract customers in such a way that they visit again and again. Never ever deteriorate the quality of the content. One golden rule about marketing is that if the customer is not pleased with your content it becomes extremely difficult to attract them back. Hold on to them. They are god.
    5. Social media. The global market. You can’t ignore them. Just like supermarkets, facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. are the supermarkets of the web. You have to cut a piece of customer pie from there. Paste all kinds of links and customer story there. Blow your trumpet there and mention the content of your site. Resort to likes and tweets. #keywords can lure customers to a great extent.
    6. And last but not the least, customer interaction is extremely required. Know their needs and their psychology in order to invite them to your market. Once you have a grasp of the knowledge about their demands it becomes extremely helpful to attract traffic to your website.

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