Help Me/Question How To Increase The Ctr?


My forums have the same people visiting over and over again and it seems they have developed ad blindness. I mean, my CTR is just 0.4%. It's terrible. I've tried putting the ads on various places on the page but nothing seems to work. Do you have any suggestions?

steve taylor

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CTR means click through rate. It increase when some specific link clicked by same people i.e.from same IP again and again. When click through rate increase then their effect directly shown on the PPC and CPC. To increase click though rate the must effective way is email advertisement. You can go for it.


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You need new visitors or a new way to generate income.

Your return visitors will not click on the ads. They know where and what the ads are and that's just how it goes.

You could also try getting better ads - maybe the ads you have are boring or not relevant to the users.

niranjan kumar

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You need to go with some digital marketing expert that relay help you in a getting more visitors for your website.
It's also help you in a increasing CTR (click through rate) after increasing ctr your forum it's automatically increase ppc and cpc.


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It is tough to monetize the forums using Adsense as people won't click the ads because they knew they are advertisers.If you are getting visitors from Search engines also they won't click the ads all the time. Forums displays different type of ads while on blog it displays correct ads.

Forums get very low click through rate even from searchers. Try to blend the ads and place on different areas to see whether the CTR increase or not.


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That's a common problem with forum websites. There are lots of repeat visitors who are there to chat not to buy stuff. Adsense may not perform well, but you can look at other monetization options.


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CTR increase when new visitor click on ad. But as you say you have a forum website. If you want to new visitor on your forum website then you have to must be apply some Search Engine Optimization technique. So you can increase your ad income.

Prasoon Arora

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Managing CTR is not so easy as it seems. Even it is noticed if no proper navigation or validation is made , CTR may not cover leads in advertisement. CTR, which stands for Click Through Rate is a mechanism which requires dedicated banner, or well designed skills and schemes that may attract other. You may take the look of your competitors website for the same not to cheat but to overcome and modify your ad banners or respective platform for CTR using high keywords, your featured products and other key resources that you have.


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To increase your CTR, I think you have to focus on the content that is relevant to the ad and the position where the ad is displayed should be unique, attracting the attention of the reader.