Help Me/Question How To Index My Backlinks Fast In Google?


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Remember that Google gives little weight to links which you place yourself (as opposed to those you earn from other sites). Depending on how you create them, and how many you create, you may fall foul of the guidelines on link schemes, and risk your site being penalized. kindly read Link Scheme webmaster guidelines.

I have no evidence for this opinion, but my gut instinct is that trying to manipulate Google into re-crawling a page as soon as you gain a link will also be seen as suspect behaviour. I would proceed very warily indeed, if you decide to use this approach.
If you want to indexed your backlinks in Google use Google webmaster tool. Also, there are many search engine sites you can post your all website in one day but they get 24hrs time to index your website. as per my suggestion, you can try Pre Post SEO (Backlinks maker) online tool which creates backlinks for your website.

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How to Get Backlinks Indexed Faster

1. Make Sure You Build Links for Relevance

2. Surround It with Quality Content

3. Build Tier Two Links

4. Submit to Google

Monitor Backlinks tools can help you with this

This is good question, because the speed that backlinks get indexed depends on several factors, including:
  • Backlink quality
  • Content quality
  • The authority of the website which contains the backlink
  • Status of the backlink (No-Follow links will never be indexed)
You can try ‘nudging’ search engines to index your backlinks through ping services such as or Backlink Mass Ping | SEO Tools. Mostly, it’s just a waiting game, however.

Hope that Helps!

Techtiq Solutions,
I build lot of backlinks for my website by commenting on other high PR site, forum posting, forum replying etc but still not indexed by Google.I can not fiend any problem why google is not index my back link.What is problem for this? How to index my back-links Fast?
Could anybody help me ?

Directory Submission or YouTube submission is the best way to create fast backlink on google


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In other words, for Google's website crawlers to identify your content and in this post, it's all about indexing backlinks, sometimes referred to inbound leads.

Nia jax

There were some serious issue By Google's side but some issue by fixed by Google. Now Google has fixed some issue but users are still facing the issue in their links and side.

There is another option to go & that's Google Google Search Console tool. Google help to users to get index their pages and link with help of this Google Search Console. So you can use this tool to get index your pages and link.
Try getting as many quality backlinks from relevant sites as possible. In summary, you can get Google to crawl your blog more quickly by making it as search.

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1. Submit it to google webmaster tool
2. Submit your backlink on web 2.0 sites
3. Use tool to ping your url
4. Use social sites to index your link faster


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  1. Step 1: Is my site indexed already? ...
  2. Step 2: Install and set up Google Analytics & Search Console. ...
  3. Step 3: Create a content marketing strategy. ...
  4. Step 4: Start blogging. ...
  5. Step 5: Use internal links on your website. ...
  6. Step 6: Promote social sharing of your content. ...
  7. Step 7: Add a sitemap plugin to get Google to index your site.

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Well, these processes were folks talk now. If you just created a website it will be indexed in no more that 48 hours or even more less. Once it is indexed bots will take care how the things happening to newly website. They pay more attention to new website and their activities.

If you are forcibly require to get your backlinks indexed for some purpose, just submit your website to Google Webmaster tools and leave this part to big G itself.
Thanks a lot for your great sharing.