My Suggestion How To Make A Persuasive Content?


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As in any other business, in content writing the writer should have the ability to see things from others stand point. You need to imagine a potential visitor reading your text and feel his emotions. This is very essential to create a content that forces readers to come back.

Successful writers put their best weapon first in an article i.e. the most important information. This will ignite interest in the visitor and inspire him to go through the entire content. But if you start in a casual mode, chances are that the reader may lose interest and leave it without even reading it.

Another point to consider is that most of the readers do not read word-by-word, but they just scan the entire document. So you should be careful in using eye-catching headlines, sub-headlines and bullet points. An attractive image is definitely an added advantage.


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Getting the attention of the readers is important to make them read the whole article. Just like in news writing, the pyramid style is one effective way of making sure that the readers get the information that they need to have in the first few lines or paragraphs. And yes, I agree that using a great graphic alongside the text is a plus factor too.