Help Me/Question How To Make A Website Development Proposal For Online Recharge Website.

niranjan kumar

White Belt
I am a student in last year of engineering and i want to submit my project on online recharge. i can design but but have no idea how i can develop and make a business proposal and estimated cost. can anyone help me.

Pooja Sharma

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I have also done engineering and made project on online college admissions. We were a team and the project was made without any cost as we designed it by coding. First create the portal and let people know about it. If you are planning to sell it in a big amount then it depends if the project is live. You can search the buyers online and be flexible with amount.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
If you have seen your classmates' project, you can ask them how they do it. Or, you can ask your teacher to elaborate more and guide you in completing the project. Do you have another friend joining the project. Both of you should work together to do the project so that it can be completed faster.


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@ Niranjan, there is nothing so simple and Hard in the mans works, as a developer you did it. To write business proposal is not hard as you think. Google it for the format and take the idea and do the necessary changes. It should contain each and everything related to your recharge website, i.e. technical aspects of the site, customer classification, how the back end data is processed and how you are providing security to the website and types of payment options etc. you need to add modes of marketing, i.e. social media, email etc. Must not forget to include your complete details like customer number, address etc.