Help Me/Question How to make background transparent

Zirkon Kalti

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I would like to know how to make the background of a photo transparent. What if the photo has a background with many different color and not just a single color? I remember I know how to do this but I forgot. It has to do with the Invert selection menu.


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There are multiple ways of doing this and depends on which software are you using? Some have automated methods of removing the background but the basic manual work in Photoshop is either:

a) Use the select Lasso tool (looks like a rope tied in a circle) and draw a selection around the image you want to retain and do it accurately to include all areas you would like to retain in the final image, keep drawing the selection until you enclose the entire area of interest within this selection. The selection line will be moving/buzzing to show you that it is a selected area. Then go to Selection menu, Invert the selection, which makes all other areas as selection leaving your original selected area as Unselected. Now you can hit Delete button and the entire background is erased from the image.

b) Put your image in a layer which is not locked, remove all other layers and zoom-in to your image using Cntrl and + keys to focus on one corner, use the eraser with a sharp edge and 100% erase setting and start erasing all background textures, when you get close to the edge of your interest area, use a smaller size eraser to delete more accurately to get a clearer image in the end. Zooming into the image before doing this gives you a bigger picture and more accuracy when you are erasing.

There maybe more easier ways of doing it though, some online website offer free online background erasing tools which may also work.


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There are so many tools are available for making transparent background but Photoshop is one of the best software for editing photos or making transparent background.
First of all choose your photo whose background want to transparent. Create a new transparent layer and add your photo in your layer,
By using magic wand or lasso tool you can remove your background color.