Help Me/Question How To Make Money Online?


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This is one of the most asked questions on the web, and also one of the ones with a large number of alternatives to go with.

You can make money online from blogging, getting paid for reviews you make or...

From running advertising on your blog, website or forum
From doing freelance jobs, whether writing, programming, designing, and so on.
From selling used items on eBay or other auction sites.
From selling new crafted items, artwork or services at eBay, Etsy, or using classified adds
From surfing the web using PTC sites.
From paid forum posting
From selling information whether printed or online
From affiliate networks and programs.

And many other alternatives, but basically it's about what would you like to do to get that buck. I can suggest sell knitted sweaters on eBay if your skills are likely to coding website pages.

However, now that you can see some of the alternatives, name something you would like, and I may try to extend the information to help you out with this :)


Making money online is broad and wide and there are different ways to go about it. First you need to list the skills you have. What can you do without supervison? What are you good at? Do you have any money to invest in any online business? Are you willing to invest? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Clear answers to these questions will then tell you how to go about it.


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There is no doubt that you can make good money on net if you have the expertise in a particular field. But there are also opportunities for the so called not so experts. If you have a good command on English writing, you can still make handsome income through article writing, blogging, forum posting etc. In think forum posting is an easy way to make money. But you should have new ideas and know how to communicate it effectively.

There are a number of forums that pay their members for posting in their forum topics. The main advantage is that you don't have to spend a lot of time on long articles.


I've made legitimate money online, but I have to warn you... it wasn't through any of those "get rich quick" sites or content writing bores.

I've tried many sites, like Textbroker and Upwork. Textbroker is a joke (my apologies if you like it), because most of the time you're writing extremely boring articles and doing intense research. All of that for a couple pennies, maybe even a whole TWO DOLLARS. No sir, I don't like it. I would rather get paid for my time and talent, thank you.

Which brings me to what I actually did do. I wrote for video gaming websites. Two of them, actually. I found the first one through a Facebook group where someone was asking if anyone was interested in freelance writing for the site. I snagged it after sending my resume in, and I made a good $500 within a couple months. I got paid nearly $50 per article (each around 1,000 words), and they were fun to write. I was unable to continue my job with them due to college, sadly. I tried this with another gaming website (again, found on Facebook) which paid only 1/2 of what I used to make with the other. So, after making just a couple articles, I stopped for them.

My best suggestion to you is to not rely solely on the websites that are trying to get you to write for pennies. However, if you're totally having fun with sites that DO pay you just a bit (forum posting, blog posting, content sites), that's what counts. Have fun while making $$ - it's the best way to do it.


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Use your skills and passions to create value and the money will follow. There are no secrets to making money online. Once you know the fundamentals, the rest is just hard work and perseverance. A quote I read online just today holds so true and it's relevant to this discussion. "The harder I work, the luckier I get".


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Google is your friend. There are thousands of results you can find on how to make money online. But I understand ehy you're asking, because I was like you before. I tried to find some effective ways on how to make money online. From my own experience, here are the methods that made me money in the internet:

- Online jobs/virtual assistant/data entry specialist
- Promoting others' products through affiliate marketing
- CPA/PPD marketing
- Sell your products online
- Share links and make money with URL shorteners

And countless others........

I hope this helps you a lot. All the best wishes and good luck!


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More than suggestions to earn online, I think you need to learn about websites where you can earn money. Here are couple of websites where you can make money. If you can write articles, start publishing on HubPages or Blogjob. These are two good writing sites.
If you are good at writing short posts, mylot and forum wheel are better options.


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If you want to create money online you need to give it a time and make it your passion. As for me, I don't have a an idea how to create money online before, but as time goes by and with the help of Google I manage to find some ways to create money on-line. When I was just beginning it was a little bit hard, but as time goes by I mange to get used to it and somehow I am creating money on-line by clicking some ads and doing some micro task that are available in our country.


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There are many way to earn money from online.If you are specialist at SEO,Joomla,Php,Html,Css and another program you can earn money from online market.Some online fields are, and another online fields.

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Any idea or any suggestion about making money online?
Making money online is always a big question for beginners. Some people think that it's easier and does not require much efforts. I being a professional Web and Graphic Designer would recommend Freelancing Sites:
If you have any talent then you can make money online.

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Making money online is an easy task. All you just to know a little of internet and can do a little stuff. There are lot of works from social media promotion, forum posting, writing job, promotional jobs, etc,
Start off with little price and later increase depending your experience and you will find a good stand making money through online sources.

A famous saying is:
"If you cannot make money online, you cannot make money anywhere!"


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If its a start for you, have patience. Learn, find skills, again learn, check out what new areas are coming up in freelance industry.

The all story is about waiting for the right opportunity to knock & you can do the best at that moment.


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To achieve this goal is simple. Develop a blog, put the unique content, apply for Google Adsense, promote your blog, and you have done.

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To achieve this goal is simple. Develop a blog, put the unique content, apply for Google Adsense, promote your blog, and you have done.
Yes it's also a great option available for earning a passive income. But it's something that requires continuous effort and struggle. Without it you are not going to succeed.


You see how you just made a post?? You can earn money online doing that. I have done it in the past, and presently. Earning roughly 5$ per 60-70 posts you make. I know that is a lot, but money is hard to earn online. Otherwise, we would all be in the pooper because the economy would fall and value of money would too.
Bitcoin is a great online investment!!



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Depends on what you're good at. I won't tell you to write articles for people if you can't put a sentence together.

I won't tell you to do product reviews on things that you're not sure about.

What are you good at? Figure that out, then find a way to make money using your skill set.


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Blogging is probably the best way to make money online while still having fun- that is if you like to write/type. Google "Get paid to blog", there are a bunch of support websites and start up guides you can look into. :)


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Depends on what you're good at. I won't tell you to write articles for people if you can't put a sentence together.

I won't tell you to do product reviews on things that you're not sure about.

What are you good at? Figure that out, then find a way to make money using your skill set.
That is really a good suggestion. We should first find out what we are good at and try to capitalize it through proper opportunities. Being in a wrong space will not do any good for us. If you have a good command over English language, you can try article writing which is quite a lucrative area to explore. If you do not want to spend too much time on writing long articles, forum posting jobs are for you. The crux is that you have to find out your strengths and weaknesses before jumping into any assignments. The more comfortable you are with a particular field, the higher will be your success rate.

If you got a good amount of money, you can also try investing in online money making sites but that is quite risky.