Tutorial How To Optimize The Homepage

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The homepage is the page that most visitors will visit so it should be of priority to you. It is the place where you provide a good impression to the visitors. If your homepage is not well designed, people will be convinced that you are not a professional company. Your homepage must be interesting so that visitors will be motivated to browse other pages of your site.

Homepage Headlines


Your homepage should have a headline so that people understand what your website is about. The headline is the most important part of the homepage. Good headline can increase the conversion rate up to 10.4%. Most visitors will only stop by your site for a few seconds so you should make use of this time to grab the attention of the visitors. The headline is to be short and straightforward to the point about the main benefits your product is offering. Ideally, it should have between six to fifteen words. The first step is to come up with a few ideas of headlines with your creativity. The headline can be set to H1, H2, or H3 depending on the level of importance. There should only be one primary headline.

Homepage Content


You should be adding some more content onto the homepage if it only have a slider and a few sentences. Your website must have more than just a welcome message to the visitor. Slider cause visitors to lose focus on your main product. Instead of sliders, you can add a large image of your bestselling product. If you are running a promotion, make sure you publicize it on the homepage so that your customers know. Using bullet list to highlight the benefits your products will make it easy for people to read it. When creating a bullet list, you should answer questions such as how your product helps people and why they should buy it.

Unique Selling Point (USP)


There must be a unique selling point (USP) in order for people to consider purchasing your product. You can mention your unique selling point clearly in your tagline. If the USP is not specific enough, people will easily get confused about the products you are offering.

Homepage Images

The homepage should include at least one image of the product you are offering. The image should be carefully designed and scaled to the right size so that people will be immediately impressed when just taking one look at the image. The image must be tagged with proper alt text. Alt text describes what the image is about to the search engines. Alt tag also help people who suffer from vision impair. Search bar can be included if you run a store with a large database of products or if your site has a lot of articles. You can integrate the search bar in the header or footer.

Homepage Navigation


The homepage must have a well structured menu that allows visitors to easily navigate to most important pages. The font on the navigation menu must be big enough for people to see it from 5 feet away. The font must be clear so that you can easily read it. You should use the same navigation menu for the entire website. There should be not more than 8 menu headers in the navigation. It is recommended that you keep to 5 or 6 menu.

Including Calls-to-Action on Homepage


You only have a few seconds to capture the visitor's attention so you should include Calls-to-Action (CTA). The CTA should be customized to your visitors. Not all CTAs should be pointed to the landing page. You can link some CTAs to the blog posts. You can test two CTAs and find out which one get better click through rates with the analytics. If you have an active social media profile, you can add a CTA to ask people to join your social media.

Header and Footer in Homepage


In the header and footer, you can incorporate follow and share icons. In the footer, make sure you provide clear information on the company legal name as well as the copyright year. Also don't forget to include the link to your contact information and site map in the footer. The footer must be consistent throughout the site.

Optimizing the Homepage for Local Search


If you are a local business, you should optimize it with the name of your city and stage in the title tag, H1 heading, content and alt tag on the images. If possible, you should also mention the city and state in your URL. If you plan to update the URL, make sure to set up 301 redirects so that your visitor will be redirected to the new address. Including the city and state can let your customers know where do you primarily offer your products.


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The home page is similar to your other pages, so the optimization shouldn't be different than optimizing other pages. Nothing unique and separated is essential.


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Must put the rich keywords when you intend to optimize your home page. Avoid keyword stuffing else you may be banned.


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This is very helpful especially the call-to-action so one can immediately grasp the good things in the homepage. I also agree with the SEO tip on placing keywords but they should be used effectively so as to avoid sounding redundant and funny.


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It's too much for us to ignore optimizing homepages for good. In my own experience back then when I still have my own affiliate marketing review blog, I forgot to optimize my homepage. I only optimize the review posts that I have, since I never consider homepage as important to me. But I hardly realized that it will definitely increase in building my own brand and exposure when I wanna consider optimizing the homepage of my affiliate marketing review blog. My friend Daniel Lew first spotted my homepage, and he quickly send me an advice about this, and I really followed him.
If target keyword is used on the home page or any other page than the its focus page(the one that should be the SERP for that keywords), best practice is to use internal linking? The focus keyword becomes a hyperlink to its target page. This prevents self cannibalization. I see that Wikipedia do this. Am I correct in this assumption? It is a different although related question.

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Each pages of a website should be optimize. Homepage is a major, though and should have prioritized while optimizing it. A good idea to optimize the homepage is to use some of the excellent keywords for your niche and using of title and description could add more to it.

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Home page should be optimized well because this is the main page of your entire website. However, each pages need to optimized as well. A good SEO done to the website in terms of on-page will get the website tons of effects on SERPs;

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If you have a website then you want to increase your visitor day by day.
There are many way to optimize home page of your website.
Firstly make your home page light weight to view easily.
Then after perform search engine optimization to optimize your home page of your website.
Your tutorial is helpful. And very informative.