Help Me/Question How to reduce the bounce rate of an website?


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Hi guys, as you know that with SEO content is King. After analyzing my website I found that my bounce rate is quite high ( 80%) this could hurt my website ranking. Nearly all of my visitors drop off from my content.
Anyone has experience in this case please give some guide?
Thanks in advance and every contribution is appreciated!

Muhammad Rizwan

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In this case, the first step you should do is analyze your site again according to a visitors view. See if your site is user-friendly and has easy to use navigation. Check for presence of useful content on your site. Is your site annoying the visitors? No matter by what means, check the speed of your site. is it very slow?

After checking all of these issues in your site. You will be able to decrease that much bounce rate to a reasonable one.

Zirkon Kalti

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You can try recording podcast or video with useful tips and upload them on your own server to embed on the page. This will make your content more interactive and encourage people stay longer on the page.

Manish Mishra

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1. Making the website theme and design a simple for easy navigation for every user.
2. Good on-page works
3. Relevant and important contents that are written very informatively and in quality.
4. There has been heads up with all the latest matter for the niche website.

Doominic anderson

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To decrease bounce rate you should do some on-page seo on your website.
First analyse that which is the factors due to visitors left your site and move to another one.
Update your site with relevant contents,make it user friendly,use CSS and JS for making your site interactive and well looking.
Every information is categorised in well manner which helps readers to find their solution for which they are searching.


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Here some tips for for reduce bounce rate for any website:-
Make a good and unique quality content
Target the right audience.
Make a call-to-action on your website .
Make your content about visitors query.
Maintain your rank position.
Your content is be readable and learn-able.
If your website does not match your visitors requirement then your bounce rate is always high so, Maintain visitor's requirement.

steve taylor

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There are some reason for increasing bounce rate of the website.
  • There are no quality content according to keyword.
  • SEO technique applied in wrong way.
The main things of the website is content for which user visit the website, if we maintain quality content then we can reduce bounce rate. and second one apply SEO in proper way so once the user come to website they stay for some time.

Prasoon Arora

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To help website in holding its own place in the search engine is required. Avoiding bounce rate or getting it reduced is one of the factorwhich helps website in holding its place. Bounce rate can be reduced by continuosly managing the link redirection of the websites and avoiding any type of duplicacy which may results in boucing of subscribers.


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This has been answered several times, make sure you have good content with the answers, never write for search engines as visitor visit your site for content, if it not available, then they have to leave your site.

Hosting is the main factor for leaving your site, if the page didn't loaded for them. Adding related content in top, middle, bottom, sidebar that decreases bounce rate.

niranjan kumar

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Reducing bounce rate is too easy work, Just make some interesting and good quality content share them on social media for getting fast audience on your website.
After few days you can your bounce rate is decrease up-to 50% , Old article you can also make interesting by rewrite with some good pictures.

Pooja Sharma

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Edit the content of the website as per the viewers prospective. Try to understand why they are not visiting other pages of your website. Customize your website a bit. Bounce rate would be there as we won't be able to make a perfect website with all possible information but 80% is quite high.


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While bounce rates are disappointing, they are also an indicator that something can (and should) be fixed on your site. Whether it’s simple navigation changes, design layout, or targeting efforts, there are a few things you can do immediately to reduce your bounce rate.

1. Focus on Attracting the Right Audience

2. Reconsider Your Site Navigation

3. Show Targeted Content to First Time Visitors

4. Use Content Recommendations to Increase Engagement

5. Be Mobile-Friendly