My Suggestion How To Secure You Facebook Profile From Being Hacked

Prasoon Arora

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We are all afraid of getting our Facebook profile to be hacked, and make efforts as much as we can.
I would be sharing one of the basic step to secure your Facebook profile to get secure from being hacked.

Everything, no matter where, starting from elements to known happening have their own unique identity, which makes them tracked easily.

Facebook profiles, have their own unique identity number which is being mostly used to identify the particular account of anyone.

Good to know : The unique number can be noticed if you have not setup any url name for your fb followed when you may visit anyone profile.

It is recommended to keep changing your profile name so that your account is not tracked and identify easily. As you would have noticed changing your profile url name, removes the unique number and display the name provided by you- catch your own profile.

This is one of the basic and easy step to be adopted by number of users, to make their own facebook account secure.

Try it Now , may be someone have an eye on your profile you may never know.

Pooja Sharma

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I usually keep changing my password , once in a month at-least and found it useful to secure my Facebook account. However, the information you provided will be going to help a lot. At-least I can now save my profiles from unauthorized access by changing Facebook page URL of my profile.

suzzi winget

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this is very helpful for all of us to prevent ourself from being hacked. and you can also secure your facebook profile by changing password within 30-40 days.. and your password should be something which is very difficult to guess and dont share your password with anyone.. this is the basic things which everybody should do as we are living in the world of technology.


I hack my friend's Facebook accounts. It is just too easy. My friends also hack mine. So I will take your advice and change my name often. But they do not use my name to hack me. They use the "forgot your password?" Link. The best advice I know so far is that you should always log out of any account if you do not want it to be hacked. Also avoid using the "save my password" option in any browser you use in a computer or phone.

Swati Mishra

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This is very knowledgeable post, it will help us to secure our account. I remember once my facebook account had been hacked. I had no idea about that but now i can secure my account.
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I have never really paid too much attention to securing my Facebook profile as I very rarely use it but I guess it does not cost anything so I might as well do it. Recently I made a post about how a family member had their profile hacked and used to steal money from friends, I definitely don't want that happening to me..

Swati Mishra

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Facebook is already secured website and i never heard of hacking someone's profile. Yes, indeed there are the chances but if have not spread up your login details and usually used a secure password then there will no chance.


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Thank you for this informative post! For me, I secure my Facebook account by not clicking on suspicious links. I know some of my friends have been attacked by such malware when they clicked through links given by other people. I usually try to double-check before I go into an article or page. This way, my account won't be compromised.

Of course creating a password that's hard to crack is always better. Do not save passwords on unknown devices or computer shops. Change your password when you think your account is compromised.

Prasoon Arora

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@Hozyboy :

Hacking of account using forgot password, only works if they know your credentials, or are try to accessing your account on the same work station that you have ever used knowing your Facebook linked email address, any of your two contact added to your Facebook profile.

@Swati Mishra :

Facebook is already secure, no doubt, it redirects each and every page to https. But hacking is not done while accessing your account. There are number of softwares that even I have used, some paid ones, to get your account hacked and in all what I have experience your unique identity number shown on your profile is the key to accessing your account.

Nocturnal Writer

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This is one of the many ways to keep your social media account safe and couldn't be easily hacked. The three ways to avoid for not being intruded by strangers or web thief is having a very simple, easy to detect password. You make it easy for convenience but the effect is not too convenient. It is too stressful and dangerous. The second is sharing your social media account for accommodation of a friend, acquaintance or even a family member. And the last is "click happy". Anything that seems to be inviting, interesting, you visit it right away and afterwards you would sorry for such uncontrolled curiosity. Just like a common saying, "curiosity kills a cat".

steve taylor

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There are many way To protect your account from hackers.
On your facebook account go to setting and enable two step verification system.
And don't share your password to any friend or people After enabling two step verification keep your mobile phone smartly.
Go to privacy setting and change setting with requirement friend only me and people .
Not make any sitting people.


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Thanks for sharing these great information. Just to add, if accessing Facebook from a public computer terminal such as an internet cafe, make sure that you log out completely. Always better to be safe than sorry.


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Here some tips for secure your Facebook profile:-
  • Don't make early guessable password.
  • Confirm your mobile number, If you account is hacked it help to recover your Facebook profile.
  • Active "login approvals" in Facebook security setting.
  • If possible don't use public WIFI or computer.
  • Make secure your email account or always use two step verification.
  • Always use special character in password.


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In addition to that, if you log in to your Facebook account using another persons computer or used those on internet shops, make sure to always clear browsing history. Browsing history is also one of the possible ways that a Facebook account be hacked.