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My Experience How To Select Right Cms For Your Small Business Website

Discussion in 'Web Design and Graphics' started by krishatg, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. krishatg

    Yellow Belt

    Jan 16, 2016
    +14 / -0
    When you start a small business- it becomes necessary to design a website for it. Owners of such startups want to keep costs under control- as it is natural. So it is only prudent for these business owners to opt for a CMS app for website building. However, choosing the right CMS solution for small business can be rather tedious. There are so many CMS solutions and with time many others are appearing on horizon!
    Below listed are the factors that you need to analyze to find out which CMS solution is best suited for designing your business website:

    • Ease of use- Small business owners should ideally opt for CMS solutions that are absolutely easy to use. Unless the app is easy to use – it would be tedious to change and update content from time to time. Needless to say, you will need to use content like blogs, images and videos in your company website.
    • Customization options- This is another area that should be analyzed when you choose a CMS for your venture. From time to time, you may need to change the look of your suite. Choosing a CMS that comes with plenty of themes and templates is a good option. Many CMS solutions also let users tweak inbuilt themes to suit their penchant.
    • Plug-in- Initially you may be happy with the inbuilt feature set of A CMS while designing business website. However, as business grows it may be necessary to extract ore of the CMS. This is possible when the CMS has support for a good number of plug-ins and extensions.
    • Security- This is one aspect no business owner can overlook- after all. Whether your business is small or not- you should ensure the website is designed with a CMS that has ample security options. From secure checkout to SSL encryption- it should have support for cutting edge online safety measures.
    • Support- This is a crucial aspect for a business owner choosing CMS platform for website development. Regardless of the cost you have to incur to use the CMS- you need to find out information about the support they provide. Use the web and even social media sites to gather information on reliability and image of the CMS Company. Prompt support from the developer can salvage your situation when you find the site has developed a technical snag.

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