Help Me/Question How To Sell Ebooks From My Website


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I have couple of ebooks on Amazon.I also have a website. I want to sell my ebooks as downloadable pdf file through my website. Is there any plugin that has download option? I also want a feature where you will have to pay first to download the book. How do I do this? I use wordpress.


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I believe there are plugins for that, I did see some and added them on my site, but I took them off, you should type members in plugin section


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Is your website a free Or is it self-hosted? And what are the niches of your eBook? Assuming if you are having a self-hosted Wordpress website, I suggest two of your eBooks must not only be sold on Amazon alone. Why don't you try include your eBooks on JVZoo? From there, the cu viastomer will see your sales page, and then they will pay you first by clicking the "Buy" button via Paypal. Another option is 2Checkout, where they support Paypal payments, and they need to pay first before downloading the eBooks that you have. Just my two cents buddy.


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You can a use the WordPress eBooks store plugin for your eBook download, eBooks store develop in more than 15 language such as English, Hindi, German, French and so more.
It is also available in Free version and Premium version, Free version is include the water mark but premium version is not include the water mark so you can upgrade your free version into Full version with just spend on $20.

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You should have a website of that relevant e-book you wish to sell and a simple banner can be helpful to attract customers and detailed information will add charm to it. You can use a payment processing software to accept the payment and provide .pdf link for people to download the e-books they have made the purchase.