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My Suggestion How To Send A Good Email Response To The Customers?

Discussion in 'Business Ideas and Startups' started by Pooja Sharma, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Pooja Sharma

    Yellow Belt

    Feb 5, 2016
    +20 / -0
    You should always be very careful while handling your customers as they run your business. You should always keep the following points in mind while writing emails to customers:

    1. Always address customer by first name
    2. Apologize for the issue and if the response id delayed then apologize for that too
    3. Write an understanding sentence to make the customer understand that you have understood his/her issue
    4. Explain the problem and when it will be fixed
    5. Appreciate your customer for doing business with you
    6. Say Thank You always
  2. Prasoon Arora

    Yellow Belt

    Feb 1, 2016
    +24 / -0
    It is really important to have good impression on your customers by sending emails do that they are not reported as spam in a way. Customers are pleased wirh the live response and feel as if there is someone who is dedicated to them.
  3. Zirkon Kalti

    Yellow Belt

    Dec 10, 2015
    +120 / -0
    When sending a customer service email, you should address the customer by name. You can make the email personal by introducing yourself. If you are responding to a customer's complaint, you should thank them for the opportunity to let you fix the problem. At the end of the email, you want to let your customer know how much you appreciate his/her email.

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