My 2 Cents How To Set Up A Rss Feed To Show In Facebook

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One of the most important aspects of a blog fan page is to set up the blog RSS feed to show your new posts in Facebook. You have to show your new postson facebook in order to persuade people to come to your site and sign up for the RSS feed.

  • First, click on the "notes†tab at the top of the page.

  • Select "Import A Blog†in the Notes Setting section. You can only import from 1 RSS feed at a time. Simply "Stop Importing†if you want to change the RSS feed.

  • Enter the RSS URL in the box provided. Check the box next to the statement that you actually own the content. You cannot import RSS feeds from websites that are not your own or that you do not have permission to reproduce.

  • Click the "Start Importing†button. Facebook will import the content of the RSS feed for you to preview. If everything looks OK, then go ahead and press the "Continue†button. Your RSS feed will now be automatically imported into your "Notes†section.

    Now each time you publish a post on your blog, a summary of the post along with a link will appear on your Facebook page.


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very thanks for this sharing~~~

there are many ways to display the RSS in your facebook account, you can also add the RSS APP in your account, and put your RSS feed in the APP


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Blog fan page is one of the most important aspect is to establish the blog RSS feed to display the new posts on Facebook. You must show your new postson FACEBOOK order to convince people to come to your site's RSS feed registered.


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Yeah... it's a wonderful thing to share your blog content with everyone on facebook. Link your facebook to twitter, you post will automatically post to your twitter account.
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