Help Me/Question How To Start An E-commerce Store?

Zirkon Kalti

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I want to set up an e-commerce store but how can I go about doing this. How can I install the shopping cart into the site? What is the difference between using 2checkout and merchant account to receive payment? Can you suggest the best e-commerce site builders for building online stores?


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The easiest, cheapest and simplest way to get started with ecommerce store would be to use an open source shopping cart software such as Wordpress with WOOcommerce plugin, or Prestashop or Opencart, etc. For a small store wordpress is the best option in my opinion due to its user friendliness and SEO friendly pages, availability of various plugins for payment integration and easy design customizations.

Open source shopping carts can be installed by 1-click installation using Fantastico or Softaculous installers provided by most web hosting providers, you would need to have atleast a shared hosting account to install a shopping cart. Or the other option would be to use a third party hosted shopping cart service such as Shopify or Volution to have them host the shopping cart, sellers just have to create an account and create stores directly using their account without having to buy any hosting services. There are many hosted shopping cart providers in different countries, if you are targeting customers from a particular country it would be best to use a hosted solution from that country as they have pre-built integration with its local online banking and payment processors which helps you give more payment options to your customers.

Choice of payment processor depends on your volume and targeted countries. Most merchant accounts will have a monthly minimum fee and per transaction fee, whereas services like PayPal or 2Checkout offer zero monthly fees but higher per transaction, percentage based fees, 2Checkout has much higher per transaction percentage based fee compared to PayPal.

Paul Richard

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I research a lot this issue and I decided to choose Magento for my online business. It depends on your budget; however, Magento and WooCommerce seem to be the best choices.


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I have worked on Magento and WordPress using Woo-Commerce. Magento is best for huge products and for heavy site, its tough and big data needed. where WordPress is easy and user friendly. I love WordPress. but you can look other platform too such as prestashop, Shopify Big-commerce etc. but I would suggest for WordPress using woo-commerce plugin. Magento is only good for heavy site, lots of time consuming for small business. Its up to your requirements.Paypal is best method and popular one. you can set payment method using integration such as Authorize.Net and 2Checkout but i only worked with Authorize.Net.


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I want to set up an e-commerce store but how can I go about doing this. How can I install the shopping cart into the site? What is the difference between using 2checkout and merchant account to receive payment? Can you suggest the best e-commerce site builders for building online stores?
Most of the web-hosts provide Automatic installers like Fantastico de luxe or Softaculous which you can use for installing and setting up basic eCommerce store. You can use 2checkout for accepting payments. I'd suggest you to go with Prestashop as it appears that you are just starting up. However there are various other options which you can look at such as Magento, Opencart or simply Wordpress. Go through this thread for more info regarding what eCommerce solution to choose. :)


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It is true that wordpress supports ecommerce templates, however, many people tell be wordpress is not very good CMS for ecommerce store. I have heard about Magento even though I have never used this, and WooCommerce is completely unknown to me.


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Step by Step Guide on Starting a Successful Ecommerce Store

Thinking about starting an eCommerce store, but you simply don’t know how?
Does it seem like an impossible challenge for you?
…you’re not alone.

When I started my first site, I was a hungry and novice entrepreneur (a.k.a a Wantrepreneur). I shelled out more than $40,000 of my hard earned cash developing an idea that I believed will work. I made all the mistakes there are to make such as attempting to implement all the features I assumed the users will need.
In the end of the day, 90% of the features are useless, and there really is no demand for my app.
Long story short, my first entrepreneurial endeavor became my $40,000 mistake.
To help you avoid the same (expensive) mistakes I’ve made, I will share with you the step-by-step methodology to start a successful eCommerce store.


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You can start a new ecommerce website using various platforms like WordPress, Prestashop, Magento etc. If you're exactly very new and planning to start an ecommerce store, I recommend you having a partner with you. eCommerce industry have a extremely higher competition. Every day, new eCommerce websites are coming into business.

If you want to go with WordPress, many hosting website allows one click installation of WordPress, after that, you need to get a theme, I recommend you to choose for it (I personally use it) , you can find a decent ecommerce theme, it will require some additional plugins like WooCommerce. Most of those theme are with very detailed instructions so it will be easy for you to step it.

Another way I recommend you is going with Magento, It's heavy platform, it will require more server resources but on other hand, It's more stable and better at interface. Magento is designed for eCommerce so it serves best with it. Again, you will need a theme with Magento and number of plugins according to your requirement.

If you don't know any of stuff about these, You can try Lynda videos, they will teach you everything from beginner to expert. If you don't want to spend any time on this, simply hire a freelancer.

At beginning go with simple payment gateways like PayPal , then additionally add 2checkout, they have some extra requirements, check google for it (it's Google's product).

niranjan kumar

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These days e-commerce site building is not a hard work, you can get these type of website in 20 to 30k. For finding website designer you can use freelancer services. GO to freelancer make a account and post your project with your requirements. Many website designer send their propose for your work, select someone and start working.


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Before you start an eCommerce store First of all check your product. Choose your brand And domain and Launch a website.
Create a logo for your product, Research keyword , write description about your product. Hire a SEO expert.
Follow up with your customer and inform him about your new product, your company and new offer.