How To Start in Web Design?

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Well you could set up a website and create some logo's etc to promote your designs and then create templates and stuff, put them on your website and promote your services in your sig.

Then you continually go on a webmaster forum to build up your profile helping out others and then hopefully you will eventually get some work!


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Get a designing software like photoshop.
Go to tutorials websites.
Learn basic designing.
Join a forum about web designing.
Ask for help from the experts.
Try making graphics everyday.


To start in Web design.

1. Get some ideas from free templates which you can find from searching.

2. You use programs like Photopshop or Paint or other which is conveninent to you to design a website.

3. You can get free tutorials in websites to build a website. Learn those if you have some time.

4. Try making some graphical works like logos, banners etc. when you have time

5. If you have someone you can help you then take help from them.


[FONT=&quot]I'd like to tell you about "Texture"[/FONT][FONT=&quot]
This is becoming important again with web design. All of the really cool and interesting textures that you can use for anything from backgrounds to text is amazing. Remember one thing that a texture carries almost as much weight to the eye as a photo. Just as you would not place a lot of photos on your page don't use too many textures. Also watch your placement of these they can pull the eye away from where you want it to move.[/FONT]


Study photoshot and CSS.
Do not try to learn from the scratch.
You always use sample files.


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i think you should think first of the concept of your page or

what's the use of your site...

then if you ave the idea then make the design...

and plan all the coding and all of the functions that you will put to your site...

or if you still don't have the idea on what design you will put to your site thn

look for some sample or template on the net...

hope that will help you :O
You should start learning tutorials and also install s/ws like photoshop and flash etc. and try to implement the theory into practical or you can join some program of web design

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"Texture" This is becoming important again with web design. All of the really amazing and interesting styles that you can use for anything from certification to words is amazing. Keep in thoughts one aspect that a exterior provides almost as much body weight to the eye as pictures. Just as you would not place a lot of pictures on your website never use too many styles. Also look at your maintaining these they can take the eye away from where you want it to switch.


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HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the primary building block of creating a web site. HTML is a very basic markup language and requires a memorization of a few dozen HTML commands that structure the look and layout of each of the web pages. Before writing any HTML code or designing your first web page, you must decide on an HTML editor or text editor such as Notepad, WordPad, and even Microsoft Word. What ever editor you decide on using can change if it isn't working for you.


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Here are some tips to learn web design:

1.Search for the basic terms
2.Choose the right web design software for you.
3.Look for trainings on the internet.
4.Consult expert web designers for advice.
5.Apply what you had researched.


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Most people seem to have recommended studying Flash instead of HTML. I think Wordpress has become more popular than either of the above and I have a feeling it will grow in popularity.


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There are many tutorials in market. If you are then collect it first after that practice well and start to create web page. If you face any problem then you can take help from some relative forum.


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Thanks for post. It's really informative stuff.
I really like to read.Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here! my best regards guys!
The first step is to first actually draw the product you want. If you just blindly open a HTML editor and sit there looking at it you'll get confused.

Annotate your concept art and then ask the internet how to complete each part.

(Considering you'll need HTML: w3schools is the go to place for learning begginer code)
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