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Tutorial How To Track The Searches From Your Site Using Site Search Option From Analytics

Discussion in 'Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools' started by ovidiuu, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. ovidiuu

    ovidiuu Guest

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    The Site Search option from Google Analytics it helps you to monitor the searched that a user made in your site/blog.
    The configuration of the monitor service is pretty simple but not well explained in the Google Analytics Help file.

    1st step: You select the desired account

    2nd step: Press on the edit of the desired profile

    3rd step: You have to press another time on Edit from the page that has been open

    4rt step: Configuration
    - We have to select Do Track Site Search and we have to insert the interrogation character used for search – in WordPress the searches are like: domain.co.uk/?s=searched+term. Then we have to press on Save

    The search statistics can be found then on: Content - Site Search starting on the next day after we setup this.
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